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trouble with my left knee

Hi just want some advise really. I run three times a week completing 3 miles each time. I also play lawn bowls, I practice each Monday night with an extra practice on a Weds night if i am in a match at the weekend. Recently i have developed pain in my left knee, no swelling, just pain which ibuprofen helps with. I question is it the bowls, with all that crouching which is causing it or the running, or a combination of the two. I am so anxious that i am going to have to stop to rest my knee and worried that if i stop the running i will loose the fitness that i have so far achieved.

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I suspect it's a combination of the two. I have some issues with my left knee and when it's playing up crouching/squatting really hurts! Classic "runners knee" apparently! Dialling back on one of the runs (that's 3 x 5K a week) might help? Rest is also good for your body and you won't lose any appreciable fitness by taking a week off if you need to... much better that than make them worse... you can always swim/cycle instead to help build core muscle strength in between... apparently a lot of knee issues are actually related to the hips...

Good luck - and if you haven't already - think about getting gait analysis done .. it did me the world of good to have the "right" shoes...


thanks for the reply. I had a gait analysis done a couple of months ago and invested in a really expensive pair of trainers. I actually believe it is the bowling cos i never had a problem before i started playing seriously.

Think i will ease back on that rather than my running which i enjoy far too much as i regard it as my chill out time, alone with my thoughts after a hectic day at work just me, the trail, the weather and my thoughts!!! lol


You could try building up the supporting muscle above the knee which may help. Simple leg dips standing on a step/stair on one leg and dip up and down slowly. Change over and repeat the other leg. 3 x 10 dips to start and if you are able in time increase to perhaps 15 each leg. This simple exercise was given to me by a sports physio. Hope it helps but rest up an extra day will do more good too.

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i have tried to do these exercises and can do them fine on the good knee but it is so painful on the bad knee not sure what to do now and scared i have done something permanent!!!


I also have a prob with left knee, but mine is because of breaststroke kick when swimming - swimmers rather than runners knee. Really hurt it about 2 wks ago when crouching doen with year old grand daughter. Am now trying to do muscle strengthening exercises in the hope these wiil

Produce an improvements


Maybe you should try and see a sports physio? It would put your mind at rest about doing permament damage, and they could give you suitable exercises if you are finding knee dips painful. I think if you're finding exercises painful it might be a good idea to ease back on the running a little until you've been given the all clear?


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