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How to do a 6+hour marathon

There was a time when I couldn't even imagine running for 5K non-stop. Now I can't conceive of running 42klms - running or any other way!! I know how long it takes to drive a car 42klms!!! :)

I once watched a video of an interview of one of these 2hour type marathoners. The fawning interviewer said something like "It must be very hard for you to run the marathon in 2 hours" The runner said :" Oh no -- not hard for me at all. The runners who do it the hardest are those who run it in 6 hours - I don't know how they do it"

I can't even conceive of walking for 6 hours - or even standing up for 6 hours. So I went on a search for other 6 hour runners -- because I know that there are many of them - and found tha there is info like this

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Another interesting find and one I'll read after my bath ;)


Interesting article.

Personally I wouldn't consider running a marathon if I'd never walked that distance - or at least about 20 miles. .

Also I think its better to run a half-marathon prior to running a full marathon now matter what pace you're running. I know there is debate as to just how far to run in marathon training, but I'd not consider running 42km until I'd run about 30km.


Just had a quick look- fantastic help as I graduated at end of March & am doing an at least 61/2 hr marathon on 2 August!


No! NO!! I'm not going to do more than skim read that! I've given my friends permission to shoot me if I ever enter a marathon, I'd like to keep my legs in decent shape, half marathons are OK, but if you'd seen some of the chaps getting off the train after the London marathon this year, medals proudly round neck, legs barely working, hobbling along.... Yes OK, it's an achievement, I've thought about how I could do it, similar to the link, 5k run, 1k walk, repeat x5 etc, but NO! I'm NOT going to do one. Not! Not! NOT!

p.s. Please shoot me if I come on here and post that I'm signed up for one.


What is your address?? :)


I have no desire to run a marathon, but I would LOVE to do a 'Mountain Marathon'. Something like the OMM or RAB Mountain Marathon where you run/orienteer off road, get really muddy and knackered and then go home and realise that life is too short and that there are not enough of these events....or at least that's how I immagine it to be!


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