OK, it's time for a confession.....I have run in a skirt! Not for some bet; nor for a fancy dress party, but simply to try it out.

Some time ago I had Testicular Cancer (from which my father died) and which I was part of a study group, and one thing stood out from all the meetings, and that was about the 'dangly bits' getting too hot or constricted. I have therefore tried something 'new'. I borowed a little black light-weight skirt, went to my usual run site in the early morning and popped it on instead of my shorts. What a revelation!! How cool was I? Not Fonze cool, but physically cool.

OK, I may have looked a strange sight ~ a little like the Eurovision singer with my growing beard, but I was cool and it felt - not in a wierd way - free.

I did take my shorts with me, just in case I saw any other people, but I didn't need them. As far as I'm aware the ponies, sheep and cattle didn't mind or judge as I puffed-and-panted past and my incredibly slow pace due to my iffy knees. I shall try it again, and make sure I ALWAYS have my shorts with me, and one day someone may invent some clothing that keeps me as cool as that did, but which is acceptable to society.

Finally, NO, THERE ARE NO PICS!!!!


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39 Replies

  • What a fantastic visual image.

    What about some sort of mini running kilt thingy ?

  • Good on you!

  • That's a great idea, especially in this hot weather.

  • No pics ! what kind of post is that ?

    But good for you Sallycycle, maybe a new trend ?

  • I pic could be arranged, but not for the faint hearted!! A short skirt and hairly legs!!!

  • I am so glad you enjoyed your hhhhrrrmmm freedom : ) I wonder why more women don't run in skirts ???? My hubby has some shorts which are running shorts not that he runs, that have a pants bit built in he says they are very freeing and feel like you are wearing nowt :0 might be worth a try they were made by AWD and on evilbay for only about 7 quid

  • Women often dont because chafing on the upper thighs. Even the skinniest, fittest women often have thighs that touch.

  • That makes a lot of sense :)

  • I must be a 'fit' woman then!!

  • I use running shorts* which have built in thin pants and they are great for this weather. For the past few months I've run in nothing more than socks, shoes, bra, vest and a part of running shorts. It's much cooler when going knicker-less.

    * 3 pairs, 3 different brands, all equally cool.

  • Mine have the built-in thingy, but it is tighter than I would prefer. We 'gentlemen' are picky about such things!!

  • Brilliant idea - the Scots wouldn't have a problem with this at all! Go you, and stay healthy while you're at it! Good luck x

  • I've run in my mini kilt a few times, but since it's been for races in autumn or winter have worn shorts underneath.

    I know the rules at the Highland Games state that the men must wear shorts under their kilts. But then, for many of the sports, such as throwing the hammer, the guys birl around and the kilts fly up all over the place!

  • I take it you know the age-old joke ~ 'What's worn beneath the kilt?' ~ 'Nothing. It's all in fine working order.'

  • I have a kilt, but it weighs a ton, and at the best part of £400, I really don't want to ruin it.

  • Hmmm... interesting! I have found running shorts with the pants built in keep things cool enough... :)

    I'm not sure the Thames towpath is ready for me in a skirt just yet... :)

  • Yeah, I can see where you are coming from with the Thames. I have a smaller river to run by, and no-one to share it with, THANK GOD!! The vision of me thus attired is not a pretty one.

  • enjoy the freedom and cool air circulating ... Happy running :)

  • Thanks. I shall enjoy it, if that's the right way to put it!

    How is your running going now? Are you fully back to fitnesss?

    Off to try my new shoes tomorrow.....SDs Nike ones, so nothing special.

  • i am off out in a minute or two. still working my way back up to full fitnessand getting more tests for breathing but i am running again and did 27.5 minutes on Monday :)

  • Cripes...27.5, was that for a full 5K? If so, I am seriously impressed. Look at Park Run times, and will see that your time is pretty darned good.

    My standard measured run is only a 3.2K, which I have a PB of a fraction over 14 mins for. That may not sound too bad for a new-to-running 50 year old, but the run is almost all a slight downhill!!! My target for that run is a sub shoes, so here I come, when the knees work properly :~(

    Off out in my skirt later, so a strange looking, but healthy runner!!

    Take care, and run safely.


  • Ha ha , I wish I could do 5k in 27.5 minutes. Unfortunately even at my 'peak' after 9 months of running I could only do just under 33 minutes. I was happy enough with that to be honest seeing as I am a kick in the backside off 57. I meant I had run 27.5 minutes...but that's old news now because I did 30 minutes this morning:). 2.46 miles, so not speedy but just chuffed to be able to run for half an hour again. First time since end of March. Your speeds sound good to me, as do the new shoes. Enjoy the air circulating!

  • I lied, it was 2.64 miles...woo hoo :)

  • That is still impressive.

    My time is all downhill, so it doesn't really count!!

  • Wherever you be

    Let your 'bits' hang free.....

    To quote a rhyme from the playground. Happy running Sallycyle :D

  • Run in whatever makes you feel comfortable - if it feels good and it won't cause you to get arrested for public order offences then why not?

  • My kilt comes down to my knees and weighs far too much to run in. As a true scotsman - nothing is worn under my kilt - just a bit chaffed. Too much information?

    I've also found shorts with pants built in are good but must admit to resorting to anti-chafing cream from Amazon Udderly Smooth 227g Chamois Anti Chaffing Cream with Shea Butter.

  • Oh no picture :( you can't tell us something like that and then not provide photographic evidence.

    I was thinking of a skort for cycling - short/skirt combo, I have seen running skirts, but they seemed very very short.

    Enjoy your new found er freedom ;)

  • OK, OK, pics coming, which skirt is a girl to wear; the short black one, the long flowery pleated number or the kilted one? ;~)

  • Brilliant idea!! and the cool air will feel both comfortable and liberating - any which way we can get it (cool) in these warmer months, I say!! Some school P.E kits are skorts but not brave enough at my age, look cosy though. As above, enjoy the freedom!

  • Skorts look an excellent idea, but I'm not sure about me going into a school uniform shop and buying one!!! I suspect I could also have the same 'problem' as I do with shorts, if they have the lining.

    I could always resort to, not like that, but to remove the lining.

  • Good for you. I confess I am tempted. There is no reason, apart from society's conventions, why men shouldn't wear skirts. Perhaps I'll give it a go

  • Having read-up on the subject (note to wife ~ don't look at my browsing history), I can only find positive reasons for men to wear skirt-like garments. Infact, unbifurcated garments are MUCH better for a chap's anatomy. The litle blighters are outside for a reason!

    I'm not suggesting we all go and raid the Mrs's wardrobe for long flowing skirts, unless you want to, of course, but a male-specific-design skirt-like garment would be excellent for chaps to wear.

    Come on designers, step up to the mark and give us one.

  • Completely agree!

  • Here's to [holding a metaphoric pint of ale up] to skirts!!

  • A few designers did just that check out

    He He

  • Cooo, well you live and learn, right enough. I'm not saying I would wear one all the time, but for running....well, yes.


  • Good for you! I think it's sad that society is so judgemental about what we wear. A skirt keeps you decent, and if it keeps the boys cooler, and that is important, then you should be able to do so without worrying about what others might think. Personally, my thighs are too fat to enable me to run in a skirt but otherwise I would because they are remarkably cool. Whatever you choose to wear, good health and happy running :)

  • Thanks. I will persevere where no one can see me.

    Unfortunately, the boys are now the boy!! Hey ho, at least I'm still alive and my son still has his father.

    I'm sure you look wonderful in a skirt. I'm certain that you look better than I do...!

    Stay safe, and happy running.

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