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Just completed my first run of W3 and was actually expecting it to be longer... mind the leg muscles felt like I could have played a tune on them afterwards but they seem to have settled back down again. I think doing this training programme the second time around I am a bit more relaxed about it and that is helping. I've also got a good running route that is just the right distance and takes in some pleasant scenery. Lets hope I fell the same for runs 2 and 3. If memroy serves me right, week 4 is a bit of a jump.

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Even if it is a bit of a jump you will be prepared for it if you've completed all the runs. If you have interesting scenery it does help make the time pass faster

If you enjoy it too that helps immensely!


Did you do plenty stretching afterwards? Always helps me. Yes, week 4 is a jump, but as Miss Wobble says you will be ready for it. Best advice I had was to get a comfortable pace one where you can still talk - maybe not long sentences but definitely string a few words together - and take it steady.


Hi there, look like we're at about the same point in the programme and I too felt like week 3 seemed really short. I just did run 2 tonight and pleased to say it didn't feel too bad as I'd thought run1 was a fluke! So, I feel ready for it all, bring it on! (Can't believe I actually think like this about running!) let me know how the rest go your week 3 goes :)


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