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The old man's Marathon training plan

Yesterday I posted this link to a running blog

I am especially interested in his more advanced training plans. His first plan for Intermediate runners - defined as somebody now running 15klms per week - is designed according to the 10% rule to take you out to 39klm per week over 18weeks with a maximum run of 10klm. It also increases run days to 5 days per week and is a prerequisite for his half marathon and marathon plans.

I am currently tied up ( somewhat unfortunately now) in training for this 14K funrun/race in August and in the meantime I have started the B210K plan. So, in a sense, I can already run 10K using run/walk strategy and the B210K plan is designed like C25k to get me running 60minutes non-stop- but I think I will use all this anyway and ultimately to ease myself into the old man's Intermediate plan as it appears to me to be a quite serious plan which would increase stamina and endurance greatly (he is not into speed - because he is an old man, like me :) )

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Interesting programme. So that will get you running 24 miles / 39k a week by the end of the 18 week programme. Hmm, may give that a go.


Yes -- I like the look of that plan. It is well put together and he describes the complete basis of the plan - even including light weeks and recovery weeks. It is more than just a plan to get you running 10Ks - you are actually running the 10K distance by the end of it, but it is much more than just that. However there is a commitment to increase your running days from 3 to 5 over that 18 week period


Yes, committing to running 5 days a week does sound a big step although it is built up gradually. If I was to start following this plan it would probably be after a month or two getting used to running three days a week first ;) I do like the idea that it's spread over 18 weeks though.


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