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Struggling with stride length/running speed!

Just completed w8r1 and in order to maintain the pace to reach the end I have to use a smaller stride length. I find this uncomfortable and awkward. If I run at full stride its a lot more comfortable but my pace increases and I can't maintain it for longer than 4/5 mins. Will this problem resolve it self as I graduate and my fitness improves further?

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Yes -- but at this stage it is important to finish the run. Both for physical and psychological reasons. If you finish the run without feeling "wiped out", you feel good and enthusiastic for the next one.

It IS quite difficult, awkward and even painful to run slowly - but it is what you need to do to complete each part of the programme. Mind you - "slowly" means many things to many people -- but let us say, as slowly as is needed to finish the run comfortably. Each week, if you find the first run of the week "easy", maybe too easy, then you can up the pace a bit for the next one, but not so much that completing the task becomes very hard.


Fairy steps!!!!!! Long strides are a no-no! You will hurt yourself. I think it's Laura who describes the running style as "keeping everything under your hips"

It will resolve itself I believe. As you get fitter your body will allow you more freedom to run in the way that feels natural to you. The idea of C25k is to go through the programme a run at a time and to finish each run in one piece. That means a slow jog. You'll be surprised how much further you can run if you only slow down. Try it on your next run and you'll see what I mean

Enjoy yourself out there! Let us know how you get on


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