target for next year

I think I might have a target for next year...the other evening I went out for my usual run and found that part of my run formed the 10K tynedale run. So I think that that would be a good target for next year. I was almost tempted to join in there and then..but will wait for next year when I will hopefully be better prepared. What targets do other people have?

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  • Oh mine is definitely the Leeds 5k Morun in November in memory of my dad. After that, I don't know but I'm on the look out for my next run. Good luck with your 10k

  • mm thats sounds a good target to me. Something very worth while doing. Hopefully I'll do a few 5k park runs before I build up to 10K

  • I have the 5K Race for Life in July, then a 6 hour endurance run in October, then next year a Half Marathon in March........ Hope you decide to do the 10k I am sure you could manage that now

  • Holy moly, 6 hours!!! Amazing!

  • Hee hee yep I am getting a bit worried about it myself, but it's 2.2 mile laps of a country park so at least I can't get lost which is the reason I haven't entered any of the sensible races ;) I am really hopeless at navigation I wish my GPS watch was more like a sat nav and could tell me when to turn right or left LOL

  • wow that is impressive 6 hrs is a long time!

  • Mine is the Great Manchester Run in May, the registration isnt open yet though so I am just keeping my eye out for that. I am desperate to do it, but if I dont get accepted, I think I will hide behind a lamp post or something further down the route and then just tag on the end , it'll be fine, no one will notice :-) xxx

  • I was thinking about this too, signed up for the reminder. I will be back in the uk at the same time and I thought why not. Need something to aim for , like you say worth filling in the application.

  • Yeah, why not ? Hope to see you there :-) xxx

  • I've signed up to the 10k morun in Nov, I've ran 5k regularly since graduating and have done Parkruns , just nicely getting back into it now (took a break for pregnancy & early baby days). I felt the 10 k would motivate me and be more of a challenge as I need to work on improving pace, I am confiden t that I can complete 5k easily. I have become stuck in a rut reallyand felt like I'm not improving anynore a fewe weeks has helped having a new goal

  • There are a few local 10k's I'd like to do :-)

  • The Great Ethiopian Run next year for me. :-)

  • No -- THIS is the one for you

  • Sounds great marc - go for it!

    This one has my imagination caught ... for 2015 ... that'll keep me busy and focused i think!


  • I've signed up to the Bunbury Women's Fun Run, they are raising funds for a Women's it's all in a good cause. It's being held in August, it's either a 5 or 10 km run, as I'm only a recent graduate I'm going for the 5k. I still have not been brave enough to joins Parkrun: I'm a bit worried they are all going to be a bit too serious! Good luck with your goal.

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