One Year On

Today is the first anniversary of my very own W1R1! It's been quite a ride too. I've done many things that I thought I'd never do, I have a different outlook on life and I am much, much fitter too.

Thank you to everyone here for all your inspiring stories and your words of encouragement.

I wish you all success and happy running. Here's to year two.

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  • Very inspirational :-) Happy Runnervesary!

  • Love the phrase I think we should adopt it.

  • Agreed! Great phrase... :)

  • A very Happy Anniversary to you!!!

    Nice - the 4th of July :-)

    Wishing you another year ahead full of adventure, discovery and good health :-)

  • Happy Anniversary Rob , heres to the next one ! All the best :-) xxx

  • Great post - happy Anniversary Rob... I'm 4 months in from not being able to run a bath and I love it... I hope to keep that love through the long, dark winter and get through a full running year... you've spurred me on!

  • Congratulations! And Happy Runniversary :)

    I've only being doing this a couple of months, I can't begin to imagine where I'll be a year on, I sure do wish I'd made a note of the date of my first run though- March the somethingth doesn't have the same ring to it :)

  • Congratulations Rob and may you have another fantastic year ahead

  • I coming up on mine this week too. like you say what an amazing year. I love Pandarunners phrase happy Runnerversary .

  • Congratulations on your first anniversary and here's to many more. Well phrased PandaRunner - sums it up nicely

  • Lol I'm always making up silly words! :-D

  • Loving that "happy runnerversary" but it does sum it up perfectly :) well done for keeping up running :) here's to the next successful year running :)

  • What a wonderful Milestone! Here's to many more...Runnerversaries :D

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