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One year on

Tomorrow will year since I graduated and misswobble said back then that I was a beginner, she was right and a year later I am still learning.

I have completed a 10km (Maastrichts Mooiste), I have run in some wonderful locations - Bridgetown, London, Paris, Rome, Madrid and only a few weeks ago in Toulouse along the banks of the Garonne. I am slimmer, I can catch busses and trains (within limits), I feel confident, and approaching 50 doesn’t scare me.

The body no longer feels that it is being lugged around by an over optimistic brain. It is treated to a variety of intervals, week day runs, long weekend lopes and the acceptance that sometimes an extra hour in bed is actually what you need - sorry guys, yes, sometimes I DON’T run!!!

But I love it. I no longer want to strangle Laura, she has helped me to be something I could not have imagined, I would still gladly trip her up in to a damp pile of leaves though.

I have also found the running that works for me. I enjoy the solitary time, one foot in front of another, repeatedly. Running in organised events is not for me, you can’t run your own pace, too many people in the way (yes, I get grumpy!) and I haven’t yet got in to off road. I like a constant pace, rhythmic and unbroken, I also don’t like being covered in mud!!

To run is more than I thought of a year ago, it is also to see the ducklings turn from balls of yellow fluff into floating, quacking things to run around, it is to watch the swans turn from grey to white, to see the world evolve from winter to spring and the trees and bushs to come to life. And of course to see the shut down that occurs now. It helps me make a connection with the world, discussions on topics from littering to climate change become more personal.

I am now in Luxembourg and have my shoes and podcasts with me, I could not have imagined this a year ago, Laura and C25K does change your life.

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I love this post. I'm only a fairly recent graduate and can already echo many of your thoughts - I just hope I am where you are in a years time. Happy running 😀


I'm starting the C25K tomorrow and I've spent all day reading things on here. It's definitely motivating me


This forum is THE best place for advice and support. Keep us posted with your progress. Happy running 👟🏃👟🏃


Hope I manage to make it to 1 year on running. Lovely to hear your enjoyment 😀


Having newly graduated, this post is inspiring me to get out there and run some more. I get hung up about making sure that I am getting out twice a week but sometimes life gets in the way. A lie in is definitely needed at times! I need to relax and let it happen, one foot in front of the other. Thank you for your post.


Brilliant post :)

I'm only 7 months post grad but also love the connection it gives you to nature and your surroundings.

Learning what does and doesn't work for me is taking some time but the main thing is definitely just 'doing it'.

Happy running :)


A lovely post, thank you. I have come quite late to the enjoyment of that rhythmic meditative pace for its own sake (although at the most I'll do one of the former railway trails, never road) I do love a good puddle or bog (provided no tussets which are the enemy of the ankle).. and count it a success if I come up wet and muddy to my knees


Oh how I love this post! The 'everything settling into it's natural place' feel of it. Totally fabulous. My body always feels like it's being lugged around by an over optimistic brain but it's comforting to know that 'this too shall pass'. Thanks for sharing this :)


Wahay! Sounds absolutely marvellous! So pleased to hear you're still out there chewing up the miles. It's great isn't it to be out there with your thoughts, the rhythmic drumming of our feet on the pavement. Hypnotic almost! LOL

You sound like you've run the world! I only occupy a tiny speck of it but I think I must have run it all a zillion times over and still love it

Here's to your next year of running. Cheers!


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