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No Injuries but Not So Smug Now

Well after three months finally I've hit an injury. After graduating I thought that I would mix things up a bit in order to improve my PR, so a three day week consists of Zombies, Run!, Hill Training and then a run along a flat track. Yesterday I did 5k of hill training and at times I felt I was running on the spot but I did it. Anyway as the day wore on my left leg became more and more sore, and this morning it's still not right, so I googled the symptoms and it seems that I probably leaned forward too much as I dragged myself up the hills on my knees (but I wasn't screaming as much as last time which I took as a sign of improvement!) and as a consequence I've got shin splints with sore calf muscles. So do I listen to my body and not run tomorrow (on a flat for 5k) even if I feel better or should I shake it out?

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Definately listen to your body and rest - maybe do some stretches and take a hot bath.


You've overdone things!! We all do that in our enthusiasm to progress not realising that we will actually put ourselves back. Hindsight is a wonderful thing isn't it. Doh!

You will be fine after a few days rest. Chill out for a bit and it will make you better next time out as you will be more careful I suspect. I know what you mean about running on the spot, I was doing it last night.

You could run after a day's rest. It depends how you feel. You might be as right as a cart

Are you doing any other exercise to strengthen that bod? I am doing Jillian Michaels DVD's at home and loving them. I think they are helping my running no end


I'm doing the seven minute HIT daily and I've been told that wall sits are particularly good for strengthening around the knees and thereby avoiding knee injuries. I haven't heard of Jillian Michaels DVD - what's it based on?


She was the fitness trainer on the US show Biggest Loser. I bought a collection of her exercise DVD's and am loving them. I had never done anything exercise classes before, ever. Still haven't, I just do them at home. The programmes are on 3 levels and she does modified moves for those with dodgy knees. She has one lady doing the modified moves and another lady doing the full moves, if you get my drift. The modified moves are still fab!

I am finding that they are making me stronger to help support my running. She has a yoga programme but it's yoga and then some. The two hardest ones (I find) are No More Trouble Zones and Burn fat boost metabolism (something like that) I am doing her 30 Day Shred t the minute and have got to level 2. I like these cos they are only 20 minutes They are about strength, cardio and abs and incorporate yoga, pilates, plyometrics (whatever they are), some kick boxing moves and boxing, skipping. I had never done anything, cept a bit of skipping as a kid, but am getting on with them really well. You need a set of hand weights and a mat, and training shoes (not for the yoga though) You use an imaginary skipping rope! My hand weights are a bit heavy but I can't complain as they were given to me


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