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First post graduation run: speed postcast

hi all! I graduated last Monday and today I did the speed postcast.

It was ok, I liked it, my legs supported the hard (?) work without any problem, but I had some problems breathing, because I usually sync my breathing with my steps, but with the intervals of fast and slow run, this was impossible today. So, I was trying to follow the BPM of the music with my legs and my own rhythm of breathing..... it needs more work to flow more easily.

I will try it again on Friday, and on Sunday I will try to run 5k slowly, I measured with Google Earth a path of 5 km I like. Let´s see.

Good luck with your runs, friends.

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The breathing will sort itself out eventually. Don't worry about it. Just enjoy yourself out there

You have plenty of time in front of you to sort it out. Happy running!


Hope so, ty very much :)


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