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Week 9 Run 1 done and feeling great!

Once I got into steady pace this morning, I just felt great, heart rate perfect, muscles wonderful, perspiring healthily, what a wonderful feeling.

And to think the idea that I could achieve this 9 weeks ago seemed unimaginable.

This is a wonderful course, and dare I say, miraculous in its achievements.

Just can't wait to complete this week!

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Sounds like a really good run for you. It is an amazing programme. Good luck for the rest of you runs this week and especially the graduation run.


Well done can feel immensely proud of yourself. Awesome job!! :)


Brilliant :-) only 2 more runs! Whoop whoop! I have just come back from my W9R1 also - I took this one really slow! Happy Running :-)


Week 9 arrives so quickly. Take care out there folks. Get back in one piece. You hear me!

Enjoy these runs as you are nearly there. We don't want any dramas so rein yourselves in. No going mad!


Sounds like it's going well for you. Good luck with the next two runs. The finishing line is in sight ;)


You clearly have caught the bug. Isn't it great? Not long to go before you get your well deserved badge. Enjoy the last few runs!


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