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Wk2 slightly curtailed due to health stuff. I should be ok by Tuesday - who thinks I should repeat week 2? Got to run2.Or try to Wk3R1

This is my 2nd week on Wk2 as I had some app problems the first week, so felt I never did the whole 3 runs. I have the 'heavy legs' thing and do find it tough. I last ran on Thursday, so this will be a 4 day break. Advice appreciated.

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If you've completed week 2 then I would move up to week 3. If you find it difficult you can always drop back to week 2 for a bit, but after 4 days rest you won't have lost what yours gained so far and you just might surprise yourself


As spoonie suggests, give it a go and if you feel it's a little too much, then drop back to w2. Good luck :)


Thanks peeps, I'll let you know how it goes :)


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