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Infamous W5R3

Coming out of lurk mode to record that I've just completed Week 5 run 3. Found it really tough - not too out of breath but bottom of my legs hurting. Went ultra slow but did include two (very little) hills which I had thought about avoiding but decided to keep to the usual route. It's a constant head battle though 'just get to the end of the road,' 'just get to ten minutes', 'just count to 60' - how do I stop the monologue of impending defeat and when will I start to believe I can do this??

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You will start to believe when you appraise your progress. Look where you were when you started C25k. Look where you are now. You have just run for 20 minutes, non stop. You should be very proud. Starting to run is as much a mental battle as a physical one and now you are a non lurker, you can come here whenever you need to have your confidence boosted. Stick with this. It is one of the best things you can do for your physical and mental well being.

Congratulations and welcome to the C25k family.


Hi Saffi, the " Daddy " of the board ( Iannoda Truffe ) has said it all . You have come so far and should be very proud of your achievements.

As for the head gremlins, they are pretty normal, when they start telling you that you cant, you tell them you can ! :-) Believe in Laura, believe in the programme and believe in yourself . You CAN do this , Good Luck ! -) xxx

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Welcome to this great community. Use it as peeps here will get you through. You've done really well in getting this far. You did the right thing in taking it slow and you've just nailed the infamous W5R3 run! When you start hearing the doubters in your head just tell them to "f*** off" as your body can do this!


Welcome to the forum! :-) Very well done on completing W5R3. The advice above is excellent and I agree. It is definitely a mental battle; try to visualise beyond the end of the run. If you have to run 25 minutes, imagine 27 in your head. It works for me; the 25 will be there before you know it. Instead of focusing on 25 and feeling anxious and wanting to stop at 23 minutes, it'll happen at 25, when you stop anyway. I do it with every run; if I need to run 5K, in my mind it's 5.5 or more. Sounds mad, but it works for me.

Well done on keeping the hills in; they're great for strength and stamina. :-) Good luck for week six; treat it with caution as it is tougher than it looks, but bear it in mind and you'll be fine. :-)


Thanks for the support. I did week 6 run 1 today and managed to quieten the voices for a bit - in fact I felt quite relaxed for some of it. Such a good programme!


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