can someone please reassure me

that 10 minutes to run a km is ok. I graduated 2 weeks ago, I have run a 5k once ( just to prove I could ) but I still seem so slow and not very fluid if you get me ? I know I cant expect to much, I am 67 for gods sake, and never run in my life before c25K which I started April 16th, but surely I should be feeling more relaxed and a tad faster ?


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  • It will come GJ but it takes time. The more you just keep plugging away, albeit slowly, you will build strength and will be able to run longer. As you stack up the runs you will see your times improve. Takes a while though I found. I am not very quick but quicker than I was. I feel fitter though and that was the object of the exercize for me

  • Don't forget that you are still building your stamina up, so speed will come down at some point soon. My pace is improving very slowly and varies incredibly from run to run. I also find it very difficult to judge how fast I'm going without my Garmin. I think that you will improve, but you have to go at a pace thats right for you, after all, you're doing this for you. Don't forget that this heat doesn't help either; I find it so difficult to run now it's warmed up. Just keep at it GJ and you will see improvement :)

  • You are still in a period of consolidation - it takes time but you will be getting stronger and faster. But actually, who cares about the time? Look at you, out there running for 30 minutes! I'll bet there are not many grannies in your neighbourhood who are doing that.

    As another oldie, I have settled into a groove that suits me by using run walk and just find it so much more enjoyable. I still cover 5 k twice a week and a longer run once a week (now up to 8k). It's all so much more than I was doing before and I don't feel totally wiped after every run. I run for 4 minutes and walk fast for 2 and still manage to average 8 minutes per kilometre. Might be worth a try?

  • Hey GJ. :-)

    I agree with MissW, Mousey and Ully, (the latter of which posted as I was composing this!) keep going and your speed, strength and stamina will increase as well. Never, ever be disappointed; I know people in their twenties and thirties who can't run a K, so just by being out and running, you're doing great - please keep it up and don't feel disheartened! :-)

  • Grannyjudes

    We can only do what we can do.

    I am probably a little faster than you -- but still quite slow in the overall scheme of things. But it doesn't matter!!! I can run 5Klms - something which is really quite incredible for me to be able to say. Before I actually started doing C25K, but had had some limited success with another easier programme which only had me running for 30 seconds at a time, I asked myself what it was that I would like to be able to do. My answer to myself was that I wanted to be able to walk 5 klms easily -- without any thought as to whether I could or should -- and as for running, well it would be nice to be able to run for 1Klm (but I thought that was a bit of a fantasy at that time). I wanted to do these things because I thought - well shouldn't all human beings with two legs , of any age, be able to do at least this?? So many of my/our contemporaries can not - and I was heading fairly quickly in their direction.

    Somebody else on this Forum said that they had caught themselves in the act of saying to their partner (as they left the house for a run) -- "Oh -- I'm only going 5klms!!" The other day, my wife asked me where I was going as I left the house -- I think she only wants to know where approximately she should go to look for the dead body if/when I do not return!! :) -- I said "Oh - I'm only going down to the bridge " Which implies that I will also return from the bridge -- and it is 3 klms away!!! Yesterday -- I ran/walked 12 klms across some very hilly country -- I did it in 8mins 30 secs per klm -- but it would not have mattered at all if it had been 10 mins per klm. I TRAVELLED 12 KLMS BY FOOT AT AGE 67!!!! ( I deliberately shouted that out!! :) )

    My running style is probably a bit like yours - I have short legs - my muscles , ligaments, etc are firmly established and are not likely to change too much at this stage of life.

    Keep it up - you are doing fine and keep on doing those 5 klms, you may not get much faster -- but it will become easier to do them :)

  • Of course it is. The important thing is to be off the couch, getting your heart rate up, strengthening your muscles and improving your stamina and general fitness. If you run for 30 minutes 3 times a week you'll be a long way towards doing all that. Speed is a personal goal that some of us set ourselves to try to give ourselves some motivation to get out there. But sometimes it's good to take a step back from goals and just enjoy being out there and enjoy the multitude of other benefits that come with running.

    Please look back at how far you've come and give yourself a huge pat on the back for what you've achieved and your perseverance in continuing.

  • Thank you thank you thank you everyone, I needed this, not sure why I am feeling so despondent, I have been doing so well and suddenly the gremlins are after me. I think I will give a serious go at the run for 4 walk 2, give it a good go and see what happens

    This forum is amazing, a reply is there almost before you press submit !

  • Grannyjudes , don't ever doubt your self, I hope I'm doing what your doing when I'm 67 , your doing fantastic & just keep doing what your doing , your brilliant !

  • do you know what, you lot want to make me cry :)

  • GJ, you are an amazing lady, and dont you forget it Missus :-) xxx

  • thanks poppy pug x

  • Give those gremlins a boot up the bum and remember there are teenagers, 20 something's, 30 something's etc who can't even run 1km so you are doing something great.

    You are only a baby runner and learning, your body will catch up with your mind at some point.

    You are getting out there and you are blooming marvellous.

    And at 67 you are just a spring chicken or as I used to refer to my mum a recycled teenager.

    You keep at it and keep showing us youngsters a thing or two :D

  • a recycled teenager, now that has a nice ring to it, I am going to put that on my fb page !!!

  • Hi GJ, not the first time I've said this to anyone in a post, but YOU ARE A RUNNER. That is amazing in it's own right. You can run 5km and I bet that less than 1 in 100 ladies your age can do that.

    Let me reassure you about your speed... IT DOES NOT MATTER. YOU ARE A RUNNER.

    I'll get all technical...

    If you can run at 1km in 10 minutes, this gives you a time of 50 minutes to run 5km. So in a 5km park-run, your time is 50 minutes. For a lady of your age, that gives you an age-grading of 42.4%.

    I am a little younger than you (46, and male :-) ). To achieve the same age grading (42.4%) I would need to run 5km in 33.41 minutes. I reckon I am a little faster than that, but not much. For those data analysts amongst us, I am using the calculators at

    GJ, we admire you already for what you've achieved. You are amazing.

  • Marky I am the new amazing recycled teenager ! Thanks for sending that data, it has certainly put things into perspective. I am going to stop chasing goals I think, just let it happen and enjoy. So glad I posted, this site is so supportive

  • Hi GJ, I started the programme some time before Christmas and graduated after 9 weeks with two runs of 5k in 30 minutes. I was then not able to hit that time for 5k again until 3 or 4 weeks ago and I can now consistently hit 5k in 30 minutes. I believe you will find similar improvement as you progress and stamina builds. It is good to have a target to aim for which might be 5k in 45 minutes or similar. My improvement came when I signed up for the Great North Run, my new goal.

    Keep up the good running,


    GJ the recycled teenager ;-)

  • after reading all these lovely supportive posts I have decided I need to just run and enjoy, if I get faster I do and if I dont, well so be it . I am so glad I posted tho, its turned things around for me

  • Hey Grannyjudes - don't give up on me now - you have been a major part of my inspiration over the last ten weeks. Don't stress about speed. I ran for 31 minutes today (2nd post-grad run) and my next target is to cover 5k - don't care how long it takes. 10 weeks ago 8 x 60 seconds was excruciating and 90 seconds seemed impossible - remember that? My first-ever post on this forum was something along the lines of "time to slow down now - the most beautiful words in the world" - and they still are, but now they come after 30 minutes instead of sixty seconds and I can find it in me to run for sixty seconds more. Who'd a thought it? Speed? Maybe it will come later, maybe it won't. I don't care. My indigestion has gone, my blood pressure has gone down, the dark circles under my eyes have gone, I'm sleeping better, and I'm enjoying food again - and all because of something I have hated and avoided all the rest of my 60 years. And you've done it all too - and you've reached 5K (I think I've done about 4.5). Don't doubt yourself now - just be proud - be VERY proud.

  • do you know running phobe, that was exactly how I felt, not sure where this stupid idea of going faster came from, but you guys have knocked sense into me !

    We truly rock dont we !

  • Thank you thank you everyone, feeling loads more positive today, except its bloody raining and Im sat here all dressed up and nowhere to go !!!! Was thinking Id run in the rain but if I get wet hair I invariably end up with a bad head cold so decided not to risk it. ( it;s tipping it down not light rain at all ) But the main thing is my motivation is back, Im not sure where it was hiding but it's back. I must say I feel very humbled when people say they are motivated by me, I'm only me doing my best, but maybe my best will be even better now I am a recycled teenager !!!

  • Gremlins be gone.

    There is a good reason there are no sextenarians running the Olympics...

    And I am sure Sir Roger Bannister would be the first to congratulate you on being able to run 5k at your age. You are an inspiration to all the senior citizens. So be proud, and if it is 10mn per k, so what? It still beat the Zimmer frame!

  • Glad your feeling better today GJ if it's raining too much to go out why not have a bit of a stretch session or dance to some good music just to get the heart pumping and get some endorphins flowing ;)

  • Grannyjudes, your an inspiration to us all, please dont get hung up on how fast you are going, theres an important word in there and thats "going". you are gettin out there and putting one foot in front of the other :)

  • I'm 66 and repeating week 4 and you're my inspiration.

  • Oops hit submit on error!

    I'm 66 and repeating week 4 and you're my inspiration to keep going. You're amazing and I still can't imagine getting through week 5 let alone week 9 but with you as my role model I hope to do it. Thank you.

  • You will, hope2runoneday, you really will. Just keep listening to Laura, and keep us posted. Look forward to seeing your graduate badge in a few weeks time.

  • I can remember the day I made it under a 10min/k average.... and it was some way after graduation. I'm still very often that slow, and slower, because of the terrain I choose to run in often (even Mo would slow up a bit if he had to get over fallen trees and through bogs) I do remember going through a bit of a despondent patch (especially when doing intervals when my 'sprint' wasn't faster than my 'steady' even though I was really trying hard) - especially as it feels a bit weird being a fit woman who still has to spend most of her life in bed (I am aspiring to the infamous couch!) - but now I feel I have lots of choices. The Quests seem to help. And without trying now, I do seem to have got faster when I happen to be on easier terrain.

  • I just want to add to the many comments here about how you have been inspirational and I have found reading your posts and comments, along with all those others above, just the best help ever. I'm recently graduated too and am trying not too push myself too hard - certainly refusing to be down if I don't quite run for 30 minutes - and still have the target of running 5k.

    Getting off that couch and out running 3 times a week for 30 minutes or so, has just got to be the best thing ever. I'll be out tomorrow morning before work having that best start to the day. I won't do 5k, but I should just about manage 30 minutes.

    I'm not sure whereabouts you are, but the forecast is a bit wet in most of the UK this weekend, so I hope you find a decent break in the weather to go out and enjoy a run :) :) :)

  • so many lovely people, thank you all so much

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