Can someone give me ankle stretch info please?

We were discussing stretches a while ago and someone posted on here about an ankle stretch they did while standing on a curb and lowering their heel then standing on tip toes, can't find that post now. Can someone please discribe what they do with this stretch and how long etc/how many repeats they would recommend. Been getting miled ache in both ankles and feel sure this would help. Many thanks in advance.


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11 Replies

  • Hi Oldgirl. Not sure if you can see my old posts but I asked a question about Plantar Fasciitis a couple of days ago. The stretch you are asking about was described in a couple of responses on there.

    Hope that helps - if not please let me know and I'll 'copy & paste' the info over to you :)

  • Thank you doggymum, had a look last night and couldn't find it but will be easier now I know whose blog to look for.

  • In addition to the one you describe - which you have described perfectly - though you should lower slowly and lift as fast as you like and as many as is comfortable. I read somewhere that good distance runners can do >30 on each foot.

    However I have been doing these recently as I have some more limited mobility in my left ankle and they work wonderfully for me.

  • Thanks Greg, will give that a try, wasn't sure if the lift was fast/slow and if you held it. Will perhaps need to do this on the bottom stair that way I have something to hold onto. Its a new ache in both so want to try and nip it in the bud, (fingers crossed).

  • I think the important thing is to drop slowly and controlled so you don't over stretch. Calfs are "fast twitch fibres" or somesuch malarkey apparently so quite like the quick rise but like all of hhese things keep it comfortable - don't feel the burn ;-)

  • Will do thanks Greg. Doing Parkrun on Saturday and its very flat which tends to go for my ankles more than ups and downs do, will be sure and do them afterwards. Will have to lean on the car or find a lamp post or knowing my luck I'll tip over!!!

  • I mentioned it on another question here somewhere. I don't really have a set number of repetitions - I just find it a nice exercise to do as and when I feel like it. I did probably 20-30 repetitions after my Handicap run tonight and I also held the heels down position for a minute or two, several times, because one of my calves felt quite tight and I thought it would help. If there isn't a kerb handy, I just do the tiptoe raises - when I'm waiting at the photocopier at work, or waiting for the kettle to boil.

    I get a lot of pain in the arches of my feet when I do yoga and I'm hoping it will help with that so I just repeat the exercise at any opportunity really :-)

  • Thanks sfb350 it was your post I was trying to find as you had said you use a curb and I immediately saw myself falling off it if there was nothing to hold onto. I have very small feet so there isn't a whole expanse of foot on a step when its only my toes. Have tried doing these yesterday after my run and they have already helped. Think this would help if you were getting lower shin pain which I hear starts up sometimes before the onset of full blown shin splints.

    Thanks again.

  • I've been doing yoga alongside running - ankle rotations, ankle bends and toe bends are great for relieving any stiffness in the area!

  • I have tried yoga but get confused with the breathing because I've done pilates for 14 years and the breathing is opposite way around to yoga. Duh! as you get older the brain doesn't cope in the same way to change I've discovered, so far the body is standing the test of time though :) (Long may it continue)

  • Huh went to do my ankle stretch exercise this morning after my 5K Parkrun just to discover the curb is a very low one, no good even for my little feet. Had a walk with hubby this afternoon though and did some on the stairs after it. No pain so far, which is feeling good.

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