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Race For Life

I started this plan a few months back having been "strongly encouraged" by a friend (another way of saying she nagged me into it!), with a view to running in a Race For Life. I would never have thought I would ever run for pleasure or exercise. Still here I am, having now completed several 5km runs in training, and amazingly find myself really enjoying it. My PB so far is 33:40 and my target is to aim for around 30 mins, as that is the pace my hubby would normally train at. Bring it on!

Race for Life is now only two weeks away :-)

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Wow, good for you! Well done so far, and I hope you manage to reach your goal (although, shaving 3-4 minutes off a PB in two weeks is ambitious)


Thanks, but that is more of a long term goal, not two weeks! I will just be glad to get round that course with my friends :-)


Wow, well done.....nice to hear that you are really enjoying your running.


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