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W6r3- app issues???

W6r3- app issues???

So I went out for my week 6 run 3 this morning. I used 2 apps the nhs one and the map my run app. The couch to 5 k app said I was out for 35 minutes but my map my run said I was out for 53 minutes, anyone else have issues with this app? I'm wondering if the timer has issues?

The run was alright, still learning what pace to run at, but if the app timer isn't working correctly, then my pace maybe slightly off.

I will try again on Thursday without the tracking app and see how I get on.

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I used to run with the c25k app as well as runkeeper, and I found that the c25k app needed to be running in the foreground in order to be accurate (this was on an iPhone 4S).

So my start-of-the-run procedure became

1. start music

2. start c25k app

3. while Laura was chatting, start runkeeper

4. switch to c25k app

5. strap phone to my arm


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