Well Really!

Following lots of helpful advice from this forum after my last run , run 2 week 8 for me to slow down so I am not out of breath, so I did.....run slower only I ran past some footballers to hear the retort.......are you on a go slow sweetheart followed by lots of laughing, feeling a bit upset I jogged over to tell my husband and he supportively offered to go and have a word, but he said ignore them, and do you know what it made me even more determined to keep going with this! s*d them! :)


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12 Replies

  • you have the right attitude! :) don't let the ignorant ***** put you off! good luck with those last few runs to graduation keep on.going! :)

  • Thank you :)

  • Ignorant pigs. Ignore them. You're on week8? Won't be long before you're running distances and/or speeds that they can't even dream of. Keep it up, you're better than these idiots.

  • Just respond with something like "C'mon, give us a break, I know I'm slow, but I'm only just starting out!" They'll probably feel bad and start cheering you on!

    Either way, you've got the right attitude - sod'em, you're doing it for you, who cares what they think!!

  • Couldn't put it better than dottiemay, please don't let it put you off. Just ignore them harder said then done, just know we are all behind you when you are running supporting each step you make. You are nearly there!!

  • doing good lady, don't let 3 idiots spoil it, laugh right back at em

  • Thanks everyone I will....I could have curled up in a ball....but I wont!!!

  • Tell me, what were these footballers doing? Standing still? Or taking a break after their last 10 sec run - I bet for sure they had not been running non stop for 20 mins! You sound like you need a ego boost - do you have a parkrun nearby? Go along and try it out (don't worry about the distance - lots of people walk / jog rather than run all the way). You will find the atmosphere really encouraging - it gave me such a boost the first time I did one I almost cried!

  • Water off a duck's back! Ignore the stupid morons

  • Cruel jerky guys!! You are doing awesome!!!!!

  • My daughters and I have a (very childish) mental retort - we hope they get piles :D You're doing brilliantly. It's good advice to slow down - speed can come later. Keep up the good work :)

  • Yeah, ignore them, you're doing great! Bet you're achieving more than they are - they're saddos really.

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