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running -completed PB and still going

Well completed 5k run yesterday and managed to reduce my time to 47 mins from 48:30. I know its still slow but i am making steady progress and enjoying it. I'm looking to decrease my time further. I think I'm capable of 45 mins, but i am still keeping it nice and steady. My relatively new shoes whilst expensive do seem to be helping. My legs are feeling far less stressed at the end of a run.

I hope eventually to be at a time where I feel comfortable entering a park run.

I've also been looking at running books as I enjoy reading but don't really have that much time spare. Does any one any good recommendations for running books?

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I read running like s girl. One short kindle job by the young outsize lady who blogs sbout her running. It is about preparing for a 10 k, and gives s detailed plan. I liked it vety much. I got a book on kindle by scott jurek, which is about his long distance runs, fuelled by vegan grub, and has recipes. Talks a bit about the famous mexican ultra runners too


thanks I'll have a look!


Please don't be put off by your time or by your speed, if you want to have a go at Parkrun... GO! There are slow runners and there are people like me that walk/run it (I've yet to run the whole 5km course but that's my ultimate goal for now). Nobody cares how fast or slow you go. Everyone there will be really supportive of you being there, the marshalls will encourage you every step of the way, and I guarantee you a round of applause when you cross the finish line. As they keep reminding people at the briefing every week, its a RUN not a race! When I do parkrun I average out at between 38-40 minutes and I have yet to come in last, so don't be put off and go for it. Good luck


Thanks Sue. I will definitely do a park run soon!


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