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Back in the running shoes at last

Having spent the last 4 weeks or so felled down by chest infection & a cold. I decided I was going to go out this week and jog/walk myself back into my routine.

My Monday run was 7.25km, with a few walks. Today was 8.5km with a few walks to catch my breath.

The jogs were not easy, my calf muscles were screaming after Monday's run. The humidity was high too, but despite all the misgivings it was great to be back out there again.

So pleased to be back out there in my trainers again.

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That sounds amazing, given you've been ill. Do ease yourself back in gently and be kind to yourself.


Hi Burstcouch really good to see you back and hope you are fully recovered, chest infections are nasty I'm an expert at them (sadly). Take it easy and build up gradually and here's hoping that illness is behind you. Take care :)


Well oldgirl I made it at the end of the week and reached a 10k jog on Friday so pleased with myself but being cautious too.


Well done Burst ! I bet it felt so good to be back out again, cant beat it can you ? Pleased youre back on track , and a extra pat on the back for running in this heat, go girl :-) xxx


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