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Long hiatus - feeling low

I was just getting going on week 7, when I've been hit by a malaise that has knocked me for 6 and all exercise has gone out of the window! I've not really been ill, just extremely tired and headachy for nearly 2 weeks, and now my husband seems to be getting it, so am wondering if it's something mild and viral (either that or pollen-related, as headache is sinusy). We tried running last Thursday and I could only reach 10mins and decided to call it quits as my body was obviously not happy. I'm trying to not punish myself and just let myself recover, but am wondering how best to restart (when I eventually feel ready to): I don't just want to start a 25 min run, as I'm sure I'd fail - any advice?

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Sorry to hear you've not felt well. Why not just go out for a run when you feel better and see how it goes. Run a bit, walk a bit and break yourself in gently. Maybe like the early runs in week 5. These viruses can take a while to get over. The running will still be there when you are ready.

I'm a great believer in listening to your body. Good luck.


I had to stop the programme at the same point because I got viral labrynthitis - which meant that for several weeks running was too much, so I walked instead when I could. When I got back into the programme I dropped back to w5r3 and took it from there.


Thank you! I knew I wouldn't be the only one to face this problem :) I'm starting to feel a bit better and dreaming about running again.... (meanwhile am reading 'Born to Run' which is helping keep me motivated!)


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