R1W4, bring on the rest!

Feeling great for it starting to feel like I runner now, confidence is at a real high. And have to say don't care where I'm running or who see's me these days! ;-)

Fitness is up and accomplishing something now! Happy days.

Thinking of dropping back to W3 runs on rest days? Any thoughts just feel the need to keep moving. I feel I could do this as I did week three a few more times than I needed to and seam to do it with relative ease! Any advise greatly appreciated. Thanks

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  • Congratulations! Rest on Rest Days! They are there for a reason! Do some strength and conditioning training instead :-)

  • Cheers for the advise I'll get the bike out! Thanks.

  • No, no, no no! Do not run on your rest days. Woah! Rein yourself in!

    Panda is spot on. Walk, cycle, swim, rest, potter, do a bit of yoga but DO NOT RUN.

    That's an order!

    We are all over enthusiastic at the start and feel we can run a mile. Resist the urge as you will get crocked!

  • Cheers for that & Point taken bike it is or walk In stead. Thanks

  • :-) I do a toning and fitness class once a week. I walk a lot rather than catching the bus. I use a resistance band for strength. There are lots of things you could do. Happy peddling :-)

  • Well done. I know how you feel and that you are keen to get running, I was the same, but I would rest on rest days. Your body needs to recover. At the end of the day you know your own body but just go careful. Afterall, you would feel a lot worse if you suffered an injury because of over training and couldn't run at all for a week or two.

  • Cheers for the advise, bike or walk I think then. Thanks

  • Rest on your rest days, your body and muscles need to recover. Maybe try something non weightbearing like swimming on your days off?

  • Thanks for the input, pumping the bike Tyers up in the morning.

  • This is a great post to read - so positive and happy about what you are achieving. I am only on week 1 - very positive about it all, but I certainly hope I am still this way like you are at Week 4! Well done!

  • Nope no running on rest days, I was the same, so wanted to, but was told in no uncertain words on the forum a BIG NO NO !!

  • Agree with everyone - rest days are called that for good reason - the mind is always willing but sometimes the body can be weak. There's plenty of other stuff that can be done on rest days but no running! Not worth it - the 3R's rule - rest, recuperate and then relax.

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