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Post C25K Runs – OMG What an experience

Today I did my second run after completing C25K. The first run on Sunday was just too much, by mistake I chose STAMINA from the podcasts instead of choosing stepping stone. OMG what a terrible and exhausting run it was 35 minutes straight through, never again for a little while. My aim was to start slowly and comfortably not this way. Today I only wanted to do 25 minutes of running to slow down from the last run. At the end of the 25 minutes I felt ok so I completed the extra 5 minutes, wasn’t too bad. I will remain here for quite a while to build myself before moving on.

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Sounds very sensible to me. I stuck at the 30 minutes for a long time gradually increasing my speed and feeling more comfortable with it. I never been fast enough to do 5k in 30 mins but have gradually started to do slightly longer distances and generally do a couple is 'easy' 5k runs (can't believe I am saying that!) and one longer run/walk a week and have just got up to 8k on that. It's taken about 10 months for me to get to that point.

Just take it at your own pace - its meant to be fun!

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You are absolutely right. My intension is to be comfortable with my runs and just get that heart pumping safely and healthily. I have proven to myself that I can now run after all that I have gone through, I’m extremely pleased and grateful with the achievement, as you rightly said, improving distance and speed will come gradually. No matter how long it takes I just want to be a good runner at the end.


I stuck with 3 x 30 minute runs a week for a while. I think it's good to consolidate and get your confidence up that you really can do it and it's not a fluke. In fact, there's no problem with sticking with it in the long term unless you'd get bored or lost without some structure.

Next time you try a C25K+ podcast, try Stepping Stones. The key is in the name - it's a stepping stone to more challenging things ;)


Yes, very true. That was my aim but something went wrong when I selected from my IPod. Thank you.


Sensible plan - I'm feeling a bit sore now after stepping up too quick and too fast. My next run I am going to deliberately setup a "virtual pacer" in the Garmin to go SLOWER... like, really slower...

Good luck... the best thing now is that you know what works for you and you can mix it up with some intervals, easy runs, long runs, Parkruns, or whatever takes your fancy... :)


Yes, I will be going on those lines


I had to laugh at your post as I could imagine your legs going ten to the dozen. Great workout and the C25k+ podcasts are great, so don't give up on them!

Take your time and enjoy yourself, building up slowly.

Aussie, good idea about setting the Garmin for a slower pace. It's not all about going fast.


ha ha ha, looking back it does sound funny, a very good lesson for me.


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