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I'm so clever!!!!

Hmm - how can I listen to a "beat" of around 175BPM which keeps my mind to the grindstone - and not slow down uphills or slacken off when I am tired -- while at the same time listen to the music which I find to be most inspiring and uplifting ie Italian Opera????

Well - I have done it! I have overlaid a quiet metronome beat over the said Opera music (using Audacity) - and it works!!!!! Not only technologically -- but psychologically as well :) It must have something to do with left brain/right brain stuff, because I can "hear" the metronome beat and keep to it while at the same time "listen" to the music :)

Operas usually go for quite a long time - so it looks like some long runs for me :)

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How very interesting that

a) your feet know which rhythm to keep to and

b) your brain doesn't hate the beat for ruining the opera.

Sounds like you might have found a solution to your lack of music you like with an suitable beat, well done and yes, very clever :)


This is the problem that I have had trying to find suitable music to run to - most music ( except for that horrible Techno stuff ) is not rhythmic -- it is melodic. And I find it impossible to run to a melody, I need a definite rhythm. It seems that I can actually now have both :)


That sounds very advanced. I was wanting to try running to talking books - could I do the same thing? Also how do we find out what pace = to what bpm ? I have a few tracks that the baseline seems to be the right pace for me, especially useful as I tend to slow down mid run. Any suggestions ?


Hi willow wolf, if you look at something like jog.fm it will translate bpm into a running speed for you so you could use that to decide how many bpm you want to use.


I know that many people run quite successfully to their music - or to talking books. But for me I need a very definite rhythm otherwise my cadence tends to "drift" -- so I need something to keep me to that rhythm.

re pace at different cadences. You pace is dependent on your cadence and the length of your stride - a higher cadence will generally result in a faster pace unless you shorten your stride length. There is music available ( horrible music though :)) which has a definite BPM - you can practice running to different cadences over a fixed time and see how far you get for each one. I think it is a compromise -depending on what you find comfortable and your level of fitness. . I find that I can increase my cadence -- but trying to increase my stride tires me.


That is indeed clever Bazza! I cant even get a playlist together on my phone :-( so now I just go out with nothing and listen to the birds :-) x


Hmmm, hi tec running. I can't say it's my thing, but if it helps you run faster/better/more efficiently then all well and good.


ooooh that's clever. I do my long runs to radio 4 podcasts. I bet I can get a metronome app to run in the background at the same time !


That's flippin fast Baz! Sheesh

Well done on the metronome thing!

I count one, two, three, four, breathe two, three, four whatever bpm I'm listening to.

Can't stop singing Nissun Dorma now. It'll be in my head all day.


Not too many "beats" in Nessun Dorma :) -- if I ran to the beats of that aria , I wouldn't get off the front porch ! :)


I could imagine you on the front porch swing, singing along loudly. S*d the run!

La la la la la la la la la oooooh oooooh etc


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