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Week 4 Done, Week 5 starts tonight

Friday night I had to wait for my wife to finish work and get home to watch the kids before I could go out for W4R3 but I decided nothing was stopping me so at ten to eleven I stepped out in to the dark and heavy rain and began my warm up walk.

30 minutes later I get back home tired and wet but with another week successfully beaten.

Week 5 Run 1 is set for tonight and I know the first 5 minute run is going to crucify me (its all on my first up hill section) the second will be an easy canter down hill and then either a mix or an uphill to finish depending on where I am at on the route I run at that point.

on the upside I may be getting chance to invest in some new running trainers tonight to go with the shorts and top I got last week

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Ooh, getting into running clothes... I look at mine and think, is this me?


Wow, that's dedication ;o) Well done.


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