Had a little accident last Saturday night (wine related not running related) and broke my ankle badly (tibia fracture) :(

I am absolutely gutted :( I completed couch to 5k a year ago and was really enjoying running every other day and the fab new lease of life and energy that it gave me. Now sat on my bum with a bright pink plaster cast up to my knee and feeling miserable as sin (damn wine Lol). Just wondering if anyone had suffered a similar incident and how long did it take to get back out there? Xxx

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  • Sorry to hear about the injury. Sending you hugs. I have never broken my ankle, but probably best to check with your doctor? You could try swimming or walking in the interim?

  • Ouch ouch OUCH! Poor you. Have no idea how long you'll be out but I guess the regular running must mean you've got good muscle strength and bone density, so however long it is, it's probably going to be less time than most people. Chin up, it will heal eventually *cyber hug coming your way*. :)

  • Oh no, that sucks. Hope its not to long

  • Really sorry to hear of your accident emma, hope your ankle doesn't take too long to mend. If you checkout 'wheelchair exercises' on Google there may be some things that will at least keep you occupied while you can't get out running. Good luck and take care, be guided by your doctor too as to when you can start running again.

  • oh you poor thing, really hope it heals quickly for you. Take care.x

  • Oh dear, that was obviously very bad wine! I hope that you make a swift recovery; meanwhile a glass of good wine won't hurt now ;) and you will still keep that fitness to a large degree, I'm sure. :)

  • Sorry to hear of your wine mishap! :-( I can't help with your question but I hope you feel so much better very soon. Damn wine! At least you have a fancy pink cast though! :-)

    Don't rush to get out after your recovery and when you do feel up to getting back out, take it slowly and easy. Get well soon!

    If it makes you feel better, I fell off the back of a lorry (yes, really!) four years ago and broke my right wrist, needing an operation to insert a titanium plate and to this day I still have a big scar which makes it looks like I had enough one day......!

  • Thanks all :) what lovely comments the hugs are much appreciated :) it was indeed very bad wine lol. Think I am just going through a very sorry for myself stage at the moment as it is such a huge step (or hobble) backwards. Hopefully when it stops hurting so blinking much I will see the light at the end of the tunnel. Happy running everyone have some good ones for me :) xx

  • So, that is why they say drinking is bad for you!

    Hope it gets better as soon as poss, and that you are back running again soon(ish).

    Enjoy the summer, and avoid wine!!

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