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Do we have a date for the big change over to the site's new version?

I think some are already using the new version, I tried it then lost it about 10 days ago and I'm now back to good old familiar site. However there does appear to be gremlins even on this version now. If we knew the date for the change over it would help as those using could at least advice on any problems/anomalies they are encountering.

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PS, looking at the Tag for this post may make some think its on the wrong site, this question has nothing what-so-ever to do with hormones, ladies age or time of life ;) Its to do with C25K RUNNING :)


Got to love those tags haven't you?!

I do think they've done something to tweak how the tags are chosen, but I'm not quite sure what...


Lol oldgirl! x


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