Overtaken by a man in a bikini - Week 7 Run 1

Overtaken by a man in a bikini - Week 7 Run 1

Bing bong, this is your captain speaking, welcome to Bologna where the local time is 6.15pm and the outside temperature is 39 degrees. An audible gasp went around the seats in the plane.

Welcome home to Lucifer's summer as it is being called here. Scorchio is the weather and Lucifer is causing devilish problems. From the forest fires we saw on the way home, to low water reservoirs and restaurants not opening because it's too hot to cook.

Fast forward Sunday morning about 4.30 am - Ciao ragazzi e buona notte, said the DJ at a local vineyard. When they party here they party hard, we hadn't slept, this wasn't looking good for today's run. So now it's 7, 32. That's 7 am and 32 degrees in the coolest room in our house - the bathroom. It wasn't looking good for today's run and nor frankly was Mr JCR. Whilst I was in London he was in the Alps. I had a return flight to Italy he had a one way flight off his bike down a mountain pass. I got a phone message - along the lines of had a fall, don't worry I am fine, ambulance is on its way. Mr JCR has form here - in the years we've been together I've had three of these messages now, all from the Alps at varying levels of seriousness. This one involved 11 stitches in his face and neck, bruises aplenty, Oh and an absence of skin on his shoulder. He looked like the victim of a rather bad mugging. So today he needed to get back in the saddle metaphorically and literally. We agreed given his safety record that it might be better if I was nearby, so off to our local pista in Fano where you can cycle and run.

Fano is a resort on the Adriatic, mainly liked by Italians rather than foreign tourists. At this time of year it is choc full of chic beautiful bodies. So Mr Smooth informed that Week 7 was all about endurance, shoot - in all the change of routine I've left my water bottle at home on the windowsill. Mr JCR goes anti-clockwise, us podistas the other way. Mr JCR Agrees to be my mobile water carrier, we agree a signalling routine which I promptly forget.... so slow and steady, think Old Floss , poo there's another blinking beautiful chic podista ahead, nut brown tan, lithe, itsy-bitsy cream running shorts, tiniest, skimpiest black running vest. Aha I overtake her, that makes me feel marginally happier. Whoosh I get overtaken by a male fit bod, wearing a bikini. Well that's what it looked like from my angle. The body beautiful man was running topless, showing off his pecs, with a skimpy pair of azurro blue running shorts, topped with his heart monitor strap. Looks exactly like a bikini to me...

Double whoosh, what is it about fit Italian men liking to wear their bikinis whilst running? At this stage I'm half way through, I signal my water wing man for a drink. He obligingly stops and I can continue. I think it was at this point Mr Smooth reminded to keep breathing. A useful tip given I keep gasping at all these beautiful bodies whooshing and sauntering. Finally the one minute warning and Mr Smooth tells me I can go for it if I want to finish on a high. It's 35 degrees in full sun, that was something we'd both forgotten about aarrgghh, I am happy to finish on a low never mind a high, but it is done.

The stats, well really rubbish to be honest and my colour is definitely salsa red again, almost Lucifer's red in fact. But I did it and I won't be back I think I prefer the hill that kills, Lovers Lane and a more gentle less body beautiful run.

But I do think the pista is shaped encouragingly like a wine glass...


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50 Replies

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  • Those stats are f a n ta s t i c - and in that heat! You are a godness of determination and running. Hope Mr JCR is feeling better now. I am on a rest day (hmm lovely rest days) but will tackle that run tomorrow. Loving the wine glass - it must be an omen. :)

  • That's what I was thinking precisely. Mr JCR is a lot better and a much happier bunny now that he found out the other woman in his life wasn't injured in his crash. His beloved bici, is a she and he was very worried he might have cracked her frame... good luck for you tomorrow. Tonight we have a booking for dinner they wouldn't do lunch as the kitchen is too hot... so salad for lunch and then maybe a glass of vino in homage to the pista...

  • Have a glass (or 2) for me.

  • Another brilliant post...you have the knack of setting the scene so we can all visualise it...especially a bit of heat mind you I could not even walk in 35 degrees!! Well done you and I hope Mr Jcr is ok!!

  • Thanks Polly, I like writing them up because it reminds me that now I can actually observe things around me as my fitness has improved. Week 1 Run 1 I struggled a lot but now I have found a running rhythm I can really see things. Mr JCR is fine thanks for the good wishes. I hope your next run is a good one, but maybe not as hot as here if you don't like the heat... I think early 20s are doable, above 30 it's diabolical....

  • I do love your posts! Jeez girl - 35 degrees! I'm about to go out in our 21 degrees and I'll look like the most crimson thing you can imagine after that! Then I'm back for my Serbian lesson. Sundays are pure joy in this house!

  • Okay let me recall two phrases Dobra vΓ©che and dobra dan. Where they the Serbian bit of Serbo Croat or the Croatian bit? Not sure am spelling right either way

    Good luck on your run, please send back some minus degrees....

    We are promised that Lucifer departs these shores on Wednesday. I do hope so, yesterday at 4pm it was 45 degrees. Thankfully next run is Tuesday so Lucifer hopefully won't do any more harm. Happy SundayπŸ‘

  • That run was heinous - I came back, sat on the leather chair and then had to go and get a tea towel to wipe it down! Seriously, I could not run in your heat. If you can speak Serbian (which I can't really) then you can understand Croatian, Bosnian, Montenegroen and lots of other slavic languages. Problem is, Serbian is bloody impossible. Your spelling is not quite correct - but that's because you're spelling them as an Italian would spell them, not a Serbian. My lessons are via Skype - my Serbian teacher was also moaning about Lucifer!

  • Blimey tea towelling a chair. Here I just wait then shower outside with my clothes on, then grab a towel. And then you learn Serbian. Ok am in awe of your talents now... next surprise you are the new James Bond...happy Sunday

  • Phew Jan😈πŸ˜₯😊... that means..even with Lucifer and the gasping you still pulled off a terrific run.

    Poor Mr JCR, that sounds like a horrible fall, he must be a tough cookie to be so keen to get back in the saddle...

    Lets hope you have some relief from those temperatures on Wednesday.

    Great run 😊xx

  • thanks Jnr, I think staying near home Tuesday, not sure I can cope with the beautiful bod thing. It was like being the only split squashed tomato on a fruit stall full of strawberries...

  • Chortle*πŸ˜… you are funny, you are not split tomato at all... you are a gorgeous ripe raspberry...the colour chart says so..πŸ˜‰

    Bravo for running in that heat.x

  • I like that...

  • Fab post! Made me laugh. Hats off to you for running in those temperatures. This will condition you so that when you run in cooler temperatures, you'll find it so much easier. And I hope hubby is not too sore πŸ˜–

  • Thanks Irish princess, now his pride is sore and he has a lovely aura of Dettol surrounding him.... but he is well and I am happier seeing him properly than via whatsapp pics.

  • Great read and well done!! 😎

  • And Jancanrunintheheat! πŸ‘

  • Yes but jancanruneouldrathernot!,,,, Thanks

  • I admire you for even going out in the heat, wouldn't worry about the times - or the bikinis.

  • Thanks, I feel as though I have to run now, so it's making the best of bad temperatures... but the bikinis what are they thinking?

  • Well it gives you a head start for running in cooler climes.

  • Sure does

  • Hey Jan! I remember you each time l venture out in equally described Lucifer's heat along Croatia's Adriatic coast. Today it's pushing the wrong end of 40c in the open sunshine although my early runs are done through manageable low 30c and l stick to a lovely path between pine trees by the sea. Yes, great bodies and chiselled guys are present here as well, but nobody (not a body) has come close to my classy dress sense yet - l currently gallop in classic yellow LA Lakers kit :) My wife points out that in an emergency a local search and rescue would spot me in an instant ;) Another week of heat & humidity before going back to my local park in London. I will remember, miss and cherish this near oven experience!

  • Oh blimey, yes Lucifer is certainly making his mark all around. Classy kit, my best spot yesterday a man on a bike wearing teeny tiny budgie smugglers on his bike and no more than a smile. He had quite a cute potbelly too and was about 80. There's no body shaming in Italy! He was loud and proud.

    I so wanted shade this morning but none to be found, I guess you'll love London for that. Enjoy Lucifer whilst you can...

  • Ah, body shaming is the last on the list of concerns in this heat. I will miss the swimming part though, absolutely gorgeous. Never thought that what's essentially a weather hazard situation would help improve my stamina & well being :) Stay well!

  • Terrific post you!!! I loved it...Poor Mr JCR!!

    It sounds sooooo hot! I am full of admiration for you for running at all! The post ahs made me really giggle and I love the idea of the bikini man...in fact, feeling a tad warm myself thinking about him!!!

    Go youxxx

  • Mmmm there were 3 of them in total , so definitely a thing here. I thought about taking a pic but then thought it might be seen as being slightly pervy.

    So had you been here you could have encouraged me taking a photo then two of us would be warm oh and probably arrested! Upside - the chic podista was just doing a beauty walk and then ruined it by lighting up a cigarette in the car park....

  • Sounds like a plan to me... :)

  • Truly amazing. I'm in Tuscany just on 2nd week of hols. I thought the early heat wave we had in UK had prepared me for running while on hols. Packed the running gear but nothing prepared me for this heat. I've swapped the running for leisurely swims in the pool and climbing the bell towers.

  • It is incredibly hot, our house is old and despite living like hobbits, having no windows or blinds open during the day, it's punishing heat and not one you can really describe adequately. I think you've made the right choice on exercise _ the bell towers sound tough though! Still we are promised Lucifer goes away Wednesday, here's hoping!

  • We have air con in the apartment this week, fantastic. By the time we climbed the tower in San Gimignano looked worse than running W9. Still only a high of 36 tomorrow down from 40s last week.

  • I am off to the Greek island of Kefalonia on Friday. Having read and giggled through all your fantastic descriptive posts, I am wondering if I should pack my running gear ( trainers) . Lucifer sounds dreadful and now in 7th decade perhaps I should be mindful of age . Actually no , if I keel over running it'll a great way to 'go' 😳😳 . I did quite a few of my early runs out on Kef and it was delightful. Various daughters are coming with, so perhaps they can keep an eye on Granny Helen as she runs ! I think it'll be very early doors, to avoid Lucifer , that'll be interesting πŸ™„πŸƒβ€β™€οΈπŸŒž

  • Lucifer we are told goes home on Wednesday but our temperatures stay high until Friday. Get out early if you can scope the runs looking for shade, I am a shadow runner ... oh wet your vest ( not that way!!!) and hair for beauty add conditioner to your hair...put your water bottle in the freezer half filled with water and then top up, as it keeps your hands cool. All of these great tips I totally ignored yesterday.. . Enjoy your holiday and take the trainers, seriously Lucifer can't hang around forever can he? Have a glorious time

  • Sorry to hear about your hubby's accident. Bubble -wrap him next time he gets on the plane.

    Gosh, that running location sounds fancy. The closest I get to men in bikinis here is vineyard workers with Kronenbourg paunches hanging over the waistband of their shorts....

    You're nuts running in this heat! I got out for a run yesterday after a storm had cooled the air, but until then it was just plain dangerous. Lucifer has caused a fair number of fires in our region too, aided and abetted by idiots with matches or cigarette butts.

  • Yes we had the fires too there's a pyromaniac around apparently. The location actually is usually just normal people. But August I think like in France is the national holiday time. So all the beautiful people come out to play and display " la Bella figura" . Thanks for wishes for Mr JCR - bubble wrap bought....

  • I feel a novel coming on, Jan! I haven't been to Italy for years (sadly) but one of my oldest French friends is married to an Italian so I get to enjoy his wonderful, colourful mannerisms & personality often. Your posts always capture the essence of Italy beautifully & hilariously! When you graduate I think you should aim to travel round Italy discovering different regions & people through your runs and write a book.

    On a more serious note, hope Mr JCR is much better & well done to you for managing your run in Lucifer's heat! Keep cool & perfect the art of flopping about in the shade whilst looking gorgeous & feeling smug!

  • Now an Italian Grand Tour could be expensive.... flopping about looking gorgeous, I really think is beyond me at this point. But when Lucifer has gone maybe I can try then. Mr JCR looking a little more like his old self.

  • Great post - very entertaining! Deep respect for not letting Lucifer get to you, but do take care! I was a wet limp rag after running in temp of about 28-29 one lunchtime and one of the folks here advised me to get a hat to keep the sun off. 35 sounds like torture to me.

  • Yup hurrah Lucifer is taking a day off we have a fresh 28 today... should I get a pullover on?

  • Only 28? Brrrrr! Make sure you don't catch cold ;-)

  • Wow, all I can say is 'I'm very, very impressed'. Such stamina and determination are admirable and I'm in serious awe. Really sorry to hear about Mr JCR and hope he heals soon.

  • Mr JCR doing fine thanks. We keep going whatever the weather...

  • Phew...I am never going complain about the heat when I'm running AGAIN!!!! You are a machine!!! Glad Mr JCR is ok...he wasn't tempted to hang up his cycling shorts, slip into one of your bikinis & take up running then??

  • mummycav that is the worst picture I can imagine. I already have to look at cycling nappy pants....

  • πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ€”

  • Well gee I was feeling sorry for myself with temperatures in the 30's.... mind you, 35 or 40 either way it's too hot! I go out at 6am and huff and puff my way around There's no one there to see me, I spend a lot of time looking over my shoulder thinking if someone creeps up on me I will probably just fall in an exhausted pile on the ground πŸ˜‚. Might go a little later, would so like to see a Frenchman in a bikini πŸ˜‚. Well done you for challenging lucifer! Imagine how good we will be at running when the cooler weather comes 😎

  • Hey we have got this sorted when it's 20 degrees I am expecting my time to halve... oh I so wish! I think tomorrow Lucifer returns with a vengeance so it's probably 6 am for me too. We will be graduates, although puffed out red sweaty ones... πŸ™‚πŸ‘ŸπŸ…

  • JCR - what will we do when you graduate? I'll miss your updates- your reports are so entertaining & enthusiast. Hope Mr JCR mends soon & look forward to reading the next instalment πŸ‘πŸ˜€πŸ’

  • Don't know how I've not seen this post earlier but by the dreaded Jingo that sounds a tad warm and don't think I would fancy turning out in that (even in my mankini) so really well done you.

    Hope it has now cooled down a little for you ready for your next run, got w7r2 this evening and looks like it will be a wet one, raining as I type

  • Lucifer gave us a bit of a break, but he's back with a vengeance today. I'd kill for your rain! and mankinis mmm

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