Couch to 5K

W4R3! - wow! 16 minutes in total of running!

I changed the route in which i train today... not sure if it was a good idea or not. it was more challenging, but left me feeling like i need to do this week again, before moving on, but will try day 1 of week 5 anyway to see if i can do it.

im still achy right now. i ran at 5am this morning!

on day 1 of this week i cheered myself, when i completed it. no one was around. but i have this path that i follow, and i had a goal to get around the whole of it. little did i know that 5 minutes would do that for me! so yeah i met a goal this week! i didnt pause the app.

on day 2 i had to pause it so that i could walk a little further because i ached,

today, i paused it once so that i could continue walking.

thinking about buying some new running shoes, to reward myself. i currently run in barefoot merrell trainers, but dont feel i have the support i need in these. they are quite an advanced trainer. any recommendations are welcome.

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Great stuff :) I've recently treat myself to a pair of running shoes. Your best bet is to visit a running shop such as Sweatshop and they will be able to advise you on which shoes would be best suited to you. Good luck with the rest of the c25k :)


You are doing brilliantly! You are very inspirational. I lost 5 stone before even considered running (too embarrassed). I am heading towards the 6 stone goal now and feeling brilliant. Take it steady and go at your own pace - before you know it you will build your fitness levels up. :-) you are amazing! Xx


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