Couch to 5K

OOHH!! -- got to 11.3 KLMs!!

Oh - My aching feet, legs, hair and teeth!!!! But at least I only have another 2.7klms to go to get to the magical 14Klm number!!!

I have deliberately chosen a very hilly route - similar to the one I will have to run in my "race". I actually got a bit of a stitch this morning - for the first time in my 5 months of running. It was at the bottom of a 3 klm long and fairly steep hill. I thought that going up it was bad enough - but going down was probably worse.

I know -- they say that what doesn't kill you makes you stronger -- WHAT IDIOT CAME UP WITH THAT?????

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Wow - seems quite a few of us pushed the boat out and took on some long runs over the weekend... been a few 8Ks, a 10K race for a few folks and now you go and do 11.3KMs... What doesn't kill you might make you stronger, but how is the walking today? :) I hated the stairs this morning... hated them... :)


Will tell you tomorrow -- I did this run on Monday morning ( which is today here)


Not too bad this morning -- still don't know what killed my calves after that 12 klm leisurely bushwalk -- must have been the time to do it ( 4 hours) - not sore at all this morning except that I can definitely feel that I ran yesterday - will wait a few days till the next run now.


Oh humbug, and I was proud of my 9km.

Well done. Hope you are not too sore today.


Strangely - I am doing a run/walk of 13.1 klms over very hilly country at much the same pace

as I do non-stop run of only 5Klms over flat country !!


Well done Bazza-you are nearer to your goal, even if you are aching all over for the rest of the day! Onward and upward, happy running x


Hi Baz. Congrats on the new distance. Having avoided hills til now after crocking my ankle on a serious bug*er, I now have to get to grips with them and started running some hills last week. Someone last week mentioned "stealth" running up them. I tried that and it works! It might not work if the hill is a mile long mind you but I suspect it's good training for short ones

Happy running Baz. Yeehah!



I don't enjoy hills :) - but I have to do them because this race I have entered for has a doozie of one in it - commonly known as "Heartbreak Hill" . As you probably know, I am training for it using run/walk and will do that for the race- but I have modified it somewhat - I run down the hills, do shortish run/walk ratio uphill ( maybe 1minute/1minute depending on the hill) and longer ratios on the flat country ( this depends on how I feel )

I have also been attempting to lift my knees a little and drive them forward ( to do this , I pretend in my mind that I have no feet - just knees and concentrate on what they are doing - if your knees are doing the right thing, your feet just follow) . Then, after my foot has landed, I also try to pick it up as quickly as possible and swing it behind and up as I go forward. There is a running drill whereby when running, you exaggerate your knee action and also exaggerate the "kicking you own bum" action -- this must be done in the dark however ! :)


WELL DONE !!!! Great progress...nearly there :)


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