First official 5K

Well... I'm doing Swansea Bay 5K with the running group! I had my second session with them today and as there are already loads of members doing the run I was only too happy to join. Can't wait! I completed my session with them today and really enjoyed. I talk to everyone and I don't even know their names. There are over 200 members! Glad I'm one of them!

Happy running all



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9 Replies

  • Well done on joining the club! You'll never be short of a running mate now

    Good luck with it and your race!

  • True. I've been told to post on facebook if I' out running and almost guaranteed that someone will come!

  • Wow, sounds like you are really enjoying yourself. Its good you have the running group for more motivation too! Enjoy your running x

  • I have my moments. It's a love hate relationship really!

    S X

  • Oh wow, you're in (or near) Swansea, where I live. Which club are you part of and are they lovely to beginnersish people (43, overweight, quite slow but getting faster)? Well done on the 5k sign up - I was also thinking of doing it. I have a place in the first Swansea half marathon so am training for that too, my first one. Well done on joining the running club and let me know what it's like...

  • take a look at this.

    They do everything from people who have never run to multi marathon runners. You get a month to try out the group. Its' near the Tesco Extra in Neath. Why don't you come to watch in the 5K next week and you can have a talk with some of the group. On a Monday they have seven groups from beginner up. I'm really enjoying

  • Ah, that's great thanks, have had a look. Think I'd struggle with coming to Neath though, the thing I like best about running is I don't have to get organised to go somewhere else and do it, I can just walk out of the door. I've seen a few running groups around where I live (next to Singleton park) and was thinking maybe you were part of that. I guess I just need to bite the bullet at some point and join one, but it's always easier if you know of at least 1 person in them isn't it? (for me anyway). I may well go down to the 5k but think I won't now be able to run it as I've popped my calf muscle and can't run. Proper fed up! never mind, rest and stretching and it'll soon be better I hope. Good luck on Tuesday! Sx

  • love singleton park. Sorry to hear your have an injury. Hope it gets better soon. Take care. I'll keep posting on here so keep in touch eh? When your ready maybe we could go for a run together. I'm not fast!

    S X

  • Yeah, that would be nice, I'll watch out for your posts. Enjoy the 5K :-)

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