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B210K W3R1 Note to self: You are invincible/ You are not invincible

Hello everyone,

Here I am struggling through B210K, and I must say overall, in comparison to C25K I'm finding life with Sam Murphy an emotional rollercoaster!

On my last run- W2R3 (15:1 x 3) - I felt invincible. I'd taken a trip back to where my parents live and where I grew up. After a two day rest day due to a pretty impossible schedule I set out, much to the amusement and confusion of my parents who hadn't heard much about my running exploits. Anyway, I set off, and from the very beginning I felt that 'good run' feeling, my breathing and stride felt almost mechanically steady and I tackled hills (even some of the long, gradual variety) entirely fearlessly. I ran 7.2 km in the 47 minutes and felt like the queen of the world. Running on roads i'd known for so long put the distance I've started to cover into real context and I was amazed and delighted.

Then there was today. Back home. First run of week 3 (17:1 x 3). Tired and grouchy from a weekend of boozing, 'social smoking' and 'carb loading' i.e. sitting around eating pizza. And it was hell. There was no 'zone' there was no 'buzz' there was no 'plateau' there was just a sweating, wheezing me, with blistered feet and a lot of weekend regret. But I did it. It was hard, and it was slow, very slow. I only managed 7.7km, a pithy extra 0.5 km in the extra 6 minutes of running time.

But heck, there are some positives; Today, despite the exhaustion and generally low mood I knew I wouldn't stop. I wanted to, maybe, kind of, but unlike at times in C25K I knew that these were empty threats from one side of my brain to another. And this encourages me, somewhere along the line I have become so stubborn that I know I won't stop running before I even consider doing so. And that's good. Also, this run has made me think about Laura again, and how I can bring her encouragement into my new runs. Next run I'll definitely be telling myself 'Remember, it's just a gentle jog'. Hell, in the spirit of being kind to myself I might even take the odd extra rest day here and there.

Anyway, do let me know how you're going on and if this (love/hate) relationship with Sam is normal,

Over and out,

Emily :)

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Yes -- I had a morning run a bit like that this morning. It's amazing the difference a few days can make - I did a long walk on the weekend and thought that might be good for my overall fitness. End result was that that by this morning I had not run for about 6 days ( because of the walk) -- and this mornings run was rubbish!!! and I still haven't physically recovered from that damn walk!!!!


Oh dear! I'm sure you're well on your way to recovery. And at least your walking intentions were honorable, where as my sole aim for the weekend was to drink my own body weight in wine. Will we ever learn!?


I had a bad run that week too. I soldiered on to the 4th km, and then phoned my husband to collect me. I dusted myself off, had 2 days rest and nailed it no problem. Now I've finished the 18:1 week and am about to embark on the 22:1 week.

Sometimes those runs just happen and I'm glad I've had one now. Look forward to your 10k graduation ..... Or do you have further goals?


Oh that's good to hear, we all have them don't we? I think taking an occasional extra rest day might be key during B210K, I've started it straight on from C25K and it has been a little relentless. I'm aiming for a better run tomorrow and hoping to cover 8K, I feel like once I'm running that distance 10 will seem firmly in my grasp :) After B210k who knows, the world is my running oyster!


The Sami podcasts are fab! The music is pitched to go with the programme exactly. You get slow instrumental drumming to bring your pace right down for a time which allows your breath to settle ready for the next quicker track. Most of the tracks are really uplifting, great lyrics that seem to fit just right. Stick with it but take care. I had to repeat a week as I got stuck. You might need an extra day to recover. If you do, do some other excercise to keep you ticking over. Nothing too strenuous though.

You might need to ditch smoking, drinking and eating rubbish if you want to finish this as you're sabotaging your efforts otherwise.

I know! I sound like your mother


Thanks misswobble! I need someone to tell me to behave, I try to tell myself but often I'm not listening :)

I'm very much in agreement about an extra rest day. Luckily I haven't felt any niggles yet but I'm on the look out- even a lot of experienced runner don't cover the weekly distance you would in the later stages of the B210K programme.


Oh thank you :D ! I'm happy to be still going but the program is quite tough and I'm not sure the latter weeks will go smoothly- we'll see. I think your plan of 2 short runs and 1 longer run is how a lot of people train. All the advice I read says 'don't run your longest run every time' which is what the B210K programme asks of you. I think if you're in no desperate rush to increase your distance your plan is a good one, you don't want to burn out :)

Let us know how you go on, Emily


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