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W5R3 - smashed it!

I'm a little bit late with my updates (due to being quite busy this week), but I finally did W5R3 on Wednesday midday, in my (very damp) local park. I had a fantastic 3.7km session (including five minute warm up walks). I only stopped to lace up my trainers and to cross the roads between the park entrance and the main road.

To anyone on Week 5 or dreading the 20 minute run (I was the same): it can be done, as long as you go slow. And when it's finished, the elation feels incredible! I would've done a celebratory dance, but I was on a public pathway and there were lots of people around...

So now I guess I'm a runner? I certainly feel more like one than I did in the early weeks. Roll on Week 6!

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Well done. 5/3 looms large but having done the ground work, it tends to be a pleasant surprise to most.

Week 6 is a bit tricky so please do not under estimate it.

And if you want to dance, you go ahead and do it!! I remember punching the air and getting some knowing smiles and nods from fellow runners :-)

Good luck with the rest of the programme. The weeks will fly by


Yes - you're a runner... told you you could do it! Well done on the first big milestone - that 20 minutes non-stop is amazing! Next time - dance!

Well done... slow and steady now for week 6, it's a tricky one!


You certainly are a runner! :-) Well done; sounds like you enjoyed it! Never, EVER worry about doing:

A celebratory dance

Arm raises

Fist pumps

Jubilant jigging


Other joyful outbursts

at the end of a big/important/milestone run/race. To hell with anyone watching; if you're happy and you know it, do a dance! :D

Well done, 20 minutes of running is fantastic! You're understandably jubilant now but be careful for week six. It may look easy after running 20 minutes non-stop but it's quite tough, so take it steady and you'll be fine. Good luck for week six!


Congratulations! My week 5 begins tomorrow! When I have completed run 3 I will do a celebratory dance (once I am able! ;-) )



I did week 5 run 2 yesterday (that was ok...) and I am so nervous for the 20 min run!

I'm definitely going to dance after finishing it ;)


Well done on completing w5. It's great completing that first 'big' run ;)


Well done on finishing week 5, I did the same last Friday and gave myself a cheer and raised arms when I finished. Actually, I was pretty worn out so the celebration didn't last long but mentally I was leaping about :) Now, good luck with week 6


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