Couch to 5K

Stuck on WK6R2 :-(

It was my third attempt at this run today, having failed to complete it on holiday last week. I usually run on a treadmill during the week, with an outside run on a weekend, and so far I have completed all runs first time. I thought maybe the change of routine on holiday had caused me to lose momentum, although I did notice that my chest hurt while I run (I've never felt that before). Today was hellish - struggled to do 5 minutes, never mind 10. I feel so disappointed! I'm pretty convinced I might have some kind of lurgy, as my chest hurt again and I just could not get my breathing right, but I'm worried also that running on the treadmill has given me a false sense of security and that I'm not doing as well as I thought. Anyone had anything similar this week?

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Sorry to hear about your little set back. It does sound as though you are possibly coming down with something. Running on a treadmill is different to running outside but it should be causing that much trouble as you are experiencing. We all go through periods of having a 'bad run' or just feeling 'off it'. Give yourself a few days break and see if you start feeling better in yourself then try again. Good luck and I hope you'll be back on track very soon.


Thanks, I will take it easy for a couple of days and see how I feel.


Yep I agree, sounds like a virus - tonnes around at mo - few days r & r won't set you back, then you will feel ready to get back to it when you feel better.

Best of luck



Thanks, Em. It's so frustrating but I think some rest might be the way to go.


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