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Week 5 run 3 done!!! But no Laura??

I started the run with apprehension and Laura started me off. I am now downloading the actual podcasts as had done up to week 5 with no music using just the app! Music started and doing warm up walk and got further than I normally walk to realise 7 minutes of walking and no Laura saying run so had to just time myself but really missed her checkpoints. Any suggestions as to what went wrong? She talked at the beginning so it makes no sense. Regardless really chuffed to hand tackled the 20 min run(slow jog)!

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Congratulations on running the 20minutes, it's a huge milestone. Unfortunately I have no idea what might have happened to a Laura. Did you hear the music all the way through? If not, might you have knocked against the volume control??? I've done that on my iPod more than once. If you did hear music but no Laura then maybe just download again. She definitely should be there :)


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