Achilles pain- I've tried stretching twice a day, just seems to make it worse.going into wk 7 of no running. Any ideas folks?

I have had a few bike rides, that also seems to have agrevated the issue. Even walking any distance seems to be causing a problem..

Stretch 3 times, 30 seconds each, twice a day that makes it feel really tight first thing in the mornings and walking down stairs....ouch.

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  • I'm with you I'm afraid. Concrete legs, walking sideways downstairs while holding onto the banister. Walked the dog this morning but feel in pain the whole time.

    I had the same thing early in C25k and it kept me out for a month. I have it again now so plenty of down time coming up

    I've iced it and massaged it, painkillers etc but I don't think it works. Not tried foam rolling it yet but I hear it works. Dan highly recommends it

  • Hi MW, yes, I've found the roller works for tightness in my calves, but not right down there in my ankle, where the tendon pulls from.

  • Hi forrestg, I know it's probably really really obvious, but your shoes aren't slightly too tight are they and digging in at the back of your heel? That caused me Achilles problems when I first started the programme. It's a long shot but..... Good luck

  • I haven't been measured, or had gait analysis, so it is always worth checking...although I didn't havent had problems until I had my week away from running.

    Thanks AM, will check.

  • I don't stretch at all. I am very aware that, on the Internet, unsubstantiated assertions and/or "old wives tales" are repeated over and over to the point that they eventually become folklore fact. For every running trainer that espouses stretching there is another that says DON'T DO IT!!. I don't know what the truth is -- so I have decided to go with what Jeff Galloway says about it. His running training activity these days is based around encouraging people ( non-elite runners) to run Marathons without injury - and he claims that stretching ( especially cold static pre-run stretching) causes a lot of injuries that he sees and recommends against it. He has run over 150 marathons and now trains marathoners as a living -- so I am going with him!! :)

  • Hi Bazza,

    I didn't stretch either, always just a brisk warm up walk. I assumed that my one week of abstinence was enough to tighten everything up to the point that I couldnt just do my usual 5 minute brisk walk, and then I started to get the pain straight into my running on my first day back. his is the only reason I started to stretch, as I couldn't find any other advice that might improve things. After 7 weeks of no running, I think I should change tack. I will leave the stretching, maybe try some ice or heat on the effected area for a while....thanks Bazza.

  • Well in my case it was time , sorry but I tried it all . Took me 9 wks I think it's on one of them things , some stretches from my physio did help it though . A bit .

  • I hear that some people are prone to achilles pain and if you are it may be a medical problem. Sometimes I get chronic pain there. Get it checked out because I don't think you should be getting regular pain there.

  • Sorry to hear your getting discomfort in your achilles.. have you tried kneeling on the floor onto a cushion and try and lean slightly back in upper body and hold both ankles for a few seconds or not as far as down if its uncomfortable but holding a kneeling stance that will stretch the upper foot. Next try to sit on your heals in the kneeling position, keeping your balance keeping the tension in your lower legs and foot and lean forward with body slowly and return back to feel the stretch. The next exercise is to sit on chair and place a tennis ball under foot and roll the ball back and forward to manipulate the foot and try to pick tennis ball with foot, clinching with ball of foot and toes.

    Let me know how you get on..

  • I think time is the healer as Rockette says. One day you will wake up and the pain will be gone, hopefully. My calves and ankles feel so stiff that I feel that they are curling up and cramping my feet. I've been doing exercises and keeping moving as I have to walk the dog. I think if I had to rest up too much I'd go mental. I was doing the tennis ball thing but someone, mentioned no names just follow my eyes, has chewed it to pieces. Grrrrrr. Off to find me golf ball, I know there's one around here somewhere.

  • Ha ha....MW, we have a retreiver just the same! She doesn't retreive as much as destroy any soft toys, tennis balls a specialty!!!

  • I ran today as the ankle has been swollen for ages but is not painful to touch so I thought I'd give it a try out. I took a leaf out of Jeff Galloway's book and ran slowly and had plenty of walks. I managed to run/walk for 6.66 km. I did a Jillian Michaels yoga DVD when I got home to see if stretching out would help, then into a hot bath. The ankle is swollen but I'm not in agony. I have kept walking all the time as I think if I stop I will seize up. I take Omega 3 fish oil caps Forrestg. Without them I am as stiff as a board!

    Have you tried them?

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