mad dogs and the rain!!!!

I have just got back from a run over the fields, never again on a Saturday afternoon. First of all i was chased twice by the same boxer dog whose owner seemed to take great delight in my fear, then the rain came pouring down and i couldn't see properly through my glasses, but i carried on regardless only to find a huge mastiff i think coming towards me with two really scary men following on behind with another dog. I stopped running and stood still thinking the dog would go pass me but no it headed straight for me i was terrified but still the men didn't call it off, what is it with people and their dogs do they think it is ok to terrorize folk with what is probably a really harmless animal, but you don't know that at the time!!!


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4 Replies

  • I think we must give off some kinda barmy dog aura!!! I too was in the pouring, soaking me through to the skin kinda rain this morning, and I was being strafed by a dog that seemingly wanted to eat me whole! I was trying to plant stuff but getting wetter and wetter, so much so that I couldn't see through me specs, my jacket was taking on water like a sponge and it was dragging me backwards as water gathered in the hood. What a ruddy palaver. The dog was next door but trying to get through the hedge at me. Alsation with huge teeth, barking its head off at me. It must have mistaken me for a bone! (my little joke, titter)

  • Thats really scary...nasty men....nasty dogs. Poor you, I hope you've recovered? That would have totally freaked me out!!

  • Cripes carerof, that sounds awful. I sympathise with you and those dog owners should have put their dogs on a leash. Hope you've recovered.

  • You did absolutely the right thing in stopping running: when the target goes still, most dogs lose all interest. Either they twig that it's a person, or the game gets boring and they give up. Or, like the mastiff you met today, they carry on coming, but probably just want you to say hello.

    I run and walk with my dog, and if I see a runner when out with him, I try to take evasive action - change track, call him to me etc. But I only do that because he's not Mr. Super Friendly - he's a bit barky and he's quite big, so he looks intimidating and I don't want to scare people: if a runner stopped and said, "Hello, doggy!' he'd back off immediately, but they don't know that. So, in my view, the owner of the boxer was being a prat: letting your dog chase a person, even if you're 100% sure it won't snap, is not on. But the owner of the mastiff probably didn't think of himself or his mate or his dog as scary and it probably never crossed his mind that you might be afraid of it or him: he probably just thought his dog was running up to say hello. I take it the dog was fine once it got to you? Certainly hope so!

    I hope your next run is a bit more restful. And drier.

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