Couch to 5K

Week 6 run 3....An apology

I'm afraid I think that the rain coming down is my fault. My playlist includes Toto's Africa which includes the line: "I bless the rains down in Africa!!" No sooner as the lyrics were heard by me then it started tipping down with rain and kept going all the way home.....but I did it. 25 minutes straight running. I was hoping that I was going to get to Muse's "My time is running out" for the last few minutes run but I spent a late night having to work out how to get the songs back on my phone after deleting the previous playlist and then to reorganise it. Damn phone!!!

Feet hurt and left knee still hurting and when Laura said, "you have one minute left" and then mentioned about increasing the pace, there were just two words that I thought of, but the polite form is go away!

She mentioned 1 day's break between week 6 and then week 8. I've always left 2 days from the third run to the next thjat not right? ie that I run on the same days each week.....

For those of you who want to give up on the runs, get Survivor's Eye of the Tiger on your does give you that boost when you think you are flagging.....

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I love running in the rain so don't apologise! That's fine to have two days rest between runs. If that works for you that's all that matters. As long as you have at least one rest day then you have time for your body to recover. Sometimes I run alternate days, now and again I will have a two day rest, no problem. Enjoy your running, look after that knee, you will soon be graduating! x


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