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Week 6 run 2 completed

Ok, following on from my last post I have now completed the last of the run walk run elements of couch to 5k. Had a sneak peak at the next runs and now know that it's all running from here on in and there is no walking apart from the first 5 minutes. I have my route and I have my plan. One thing that did annoy me today was, that after the first 10 minute run, Laura said "have a drink now". Have a drink?? I didn't take a drink with me for the run and I was damned if I needed one. How very dare she spring a drink surprise on me!!! I further realised that having "Flashdance...What a feeling" was not the right song choice at all to have as it was slow and did not particularly do the job plus,Bon Jovi "it's my life" was not right for the end so I have work to do on the music before the Saturday 25 minute run. However, I know I can do it.

In terms of the pain bit. My left knee has hurt since week 3 but not enough to give in. The heel arch on my right foot hurts a lot and a little but on my left foot. However.......I'm still not giving up and the cliche "No pain, No gain" comes to mind. Anyone got any suggestions for replacing Flashdance and Bon Jovi? I have Eye of the Tiger, Loveshack, Stronger, Tubthunping(I get knocked down) and my starter is Lose Yourself(Eminem)......

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I hope you enjoy the running with no breaks, it comes as a bit of a surprise but it is very invigorating and rewarding too! I was struggling a bit today on my last run for week 7 and Amy McDonald's song 'Run' came on just in time.....its very motivational! Happy listening.


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