Couch to 5K

Forgot to download second week podcast

I was very disorganised this week and realised when I got on the running machine that I still only had week 1 podcast on it. - What to do? So I decided in stead to run for as long as I could and walk in between and make sure I did 10 minutes of running in total. It turns out I managed 2:1,2:1,3:1,2:1,3:1 (12 minutes running). I actually felt really good towards the end and started to get into a stride.

I think I will move to week three next week.

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Brilliant! I made sure I downloaded all the podcasts so I wouldn't forget! (I'm so the forgetful type!) Good luck :-)


Don't miss weeks however tempting it might be. Stick with laura and the programme as it's designed so that you progress at the right pace so you get to graduation safely.


I would agree with misswobble, there's been so many reports of injuries on here when people try to do too much too fast. It seems like a good idea at the time, but it doesn't allow your body the time to adjust to running. Instead of pushing yourself prematurely to the next level, savour the week you're on. Trust me, it will get a lot more challenging soon. Good luck!


Podcast? What are those? I have run 'naked' through the whole C25K. No, not in the buff, but with no podcast; no music; no distraction I have done the whole thing. I just timed my runs using a watch and ny listening to what my body was telling me. Some days I went further/faster and some slower and not as far.

I listened to the birds, the river, the sheep (who I talked to as I passed ~ worrying) and I just went oiut in the mornings and enjoyed being away from tech.

Good luck.


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