Couch to 5K

W7R1 and a malfunctioning MapMyRun app

I staggered out to do this run with a bit of a surly attitude. I'd not slept well and had spent too long over the last few days typing reports at my computer so felt stiff and unfit. I only went out this morning to avoid starting another report. I suppose couch to 5k is a healthy sort of procrastination!

I found today really tough, perhaps because the podcast music grated and I felt every twinge in my knee and hip and I still don't do any form of incline well. At one point I was almost crawling up a hill being passed by sympathetic looking hikers briskly striding out. I think they were a little concerned at my puce face which clashed somewhat with my Aldi purple t shirt!

I was so relieved to make it to the end in one piece but when I checked my MapMyRun App I discovered it had had a complete meltdown. According to its stats I had only run for 8 mins but travelled 3 kms. By my reckoning that now makes me one of the worlds super athletes and I will be expecting to be contacted by Mo Farrah for training tips!

Oh well, as wise people on here have said before even a bad run (which this one certainly felt) is better than not going out at all. Hopefully W7R2 will be easier.!

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Sorry it wasn't such a good run for you, but you are right, any run is better than no run at all. It is all good practice for the next one, which is sure to be better. The hills are good for stamina too.Technology malfunctions don't help! xx


no-excuse is spot on. I think all of us have had a "less than ideal" run. But - it was a run - you were out there! Having one or two blips makes the success all the sweeter... I still think you need to post that run to MapMyRun record books though! :)


Well done for getting this run completed. It might not have been all you hoped but the heat we are experiencing at the moment is making things difficult for us all. I'm sure your next run will be better, not least the forecast is for showers and cooler weather for a few days. Good luck with your next run and best wishes.


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