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W5r1 I am feeling elated

Today I ran w5r1, it was very hot today so I thought I would really struggle ,the first run was fine the second I practically stopped and struggled to keep going and thought no way will I be able to complete 3rd run but I did it and am feeling elated. Do not really understand why middle run was so hard . I thought I would not be able to do week 4 but with help and support from here I did it .

Can someone tell me how long my legs will feel like lead weights and will I be bouncing along like the other joggers or be the one always dragging the lead weights lol .

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I'm super impressed that you ran yesterday when it was so warm so you did so well.

I remember thinking exactly the same thing about my legs. And I can't remember exactly when mine stopped feeling so heavy, it sort of takes you by surprise. You'll be out running one day & all of a sudden you realise 'hey, my legs actually feel ok'!!!

W5 is a pretty major milestone so good luck with it - you can do it - and I promise you'll feel amazing after R3


Thanks for the Advice it really does keep me going,when i think about what LSBeech75 said it reminded me about my breathing that just suddenly clicked . will look forward to lead free legs.


Fab stuff Alibags ! Ah the legs , yes , mine feel like I am wearing concrete boots at times . Wish I was all dainty like a gazelle , not this lumbering thing dragging concrete weights around with me :-) Anyway, the most important thing is that we are out there and we are doing it , and we will continue doing it because we love it so much , yes ? :-)

You can do it , good luck for your next run :-) xxx


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