My cool Dr!

I went about my knee and it turns out that my Dr runs like 20 mile routes and stuff so he was really supportive, telling me places to go, good nearby shops, physios etc. Said I should get gait analysis and decent trainers, but my knee is okay to run on unless there is pain again .... discomfort is okay.

How cool is that? (And he told me I have great runner's physique! :D, the moral of the story being that for an ego boost and friendly chat, go and see my local Dr!)


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16 Replies

  • That's really reassuring, my knee gives me jip, but I have found that it is a lot better for running - sounds as though you have a really great doctor!

  • Interesting. Do you think it is becoming stronger because of running?

  • Thanks :-) He said I should see a physio too, so I'm looking into it

  • I think I am developing the muscles at the top of my legs (quadriceps) which have been absent for ever!! I used to have good quadriceps when I used to cycle everywhere (until I learned to drive which was my undoing!) but if you have knee surgery it is those muscles that the physio tries to develop to support your knee. My knee is usually a bit grumbly after running but the next day it feels good.

  • Knees are very complicated joints I understand, bit so long as they don't fall off we'll keep running! :-)

  • Lol. Sounds like you have a great source of help and advice there ;)

  • Maybe I'll bump into him around the lanes ... then he'll see me red faced and puffing like a noob!

  • Really cool dr Makes such difference

  • What a great doc! Lucky you. :)

  • Dr Gorgeous! What a find. It reminded me of that awful song, Dr Love by Tina Charles. Can anyone but me remember it?

  • Lol! And what you just said made me think of Dr Beat by Gloria Estefan!

    Should I go back and dance around his surgery?!?

  • Oh yes! ......".I've always had a weakness for a man in uniform....." (I don't know all the words, honest) ! LOL Unfortunately you've now reminded me of loads of other grolly 70's songs! x

  • It's great to be told you are doing OK by someone who really knows. Gives you a real lift.

    I would agree with their comments about your knee. I only stop running if I am in pain. An ache or some discomfort I can work with.

    Decent running shoes are not cheap compared to trainers, but they are so not a pair of trainers. Be sure to get the gait analysis done as well. I bought mine from a leading national running shop, and the shoes are great (Brooks). They flogged me some 'custom made' insoles for £30. What a rip-off. They lasted no time at all, as the support on the arch just collapsed. I have now bought some from my Physio. somewhat more than £30, but they work, are solid, and I feel great on them. Superfeet do off the shelf ones for about £30, and they are good too. I use them in my walking boots. A good pair of running shoes are nothing unless they support your feet correctly.

  • Yes, the prices look scary but I can't put a price on my joints etc, plus the amount I would spend on corrective treatments longterm could easily outweigh the cost of some good running shoes.

    Thanks for the tips

    I don't understand about the insoles though. If the running shoes are suited to your gait, am I still likely to need extra things like insoles? I thought the shoe would include that.

  • Gait analysis will help to identify a shoe to support over pronation or supination (foot rolling inward or outward). Like any shoe the insoles may not provide the arch support you need. I have never been aware of higher archez until I ran. Just a warning that I paid out for insoles that were too soft. My current ones are great but surprisingly stiff.

    Of course none of the above might apply.


  • Thanks :-)

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