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Run 5 week 3 tomorrow

I have completed so far almost religiously the C25k and I have what I would call the long run tomorrow so whilst my mind is kinda saying will I be able to do it? My determination is saying yes yes yes. I know it will be hard and I know my feet will kill as it has done for most of the program and I've tried numerous things to sort the feet out but ultmately I have kept on the program and hopefully tomorrow's run will not be as bad as it seems as 20 minutes is a lot longer than usual.

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You'll be fine! You've got this far and with your positive thinking you'll definitely complete this run! Have you had your feet/gait looked at by a shoe expert? Maybe you need new ones?


I had the gait looked at after week 1 and bought some new trainers as a result. I tried insoles to help the pain that followed during the recovery period and in the end bought a second pair of trainers for working in as I am on my feet during the working week. I'm fine during the jog(have even switched socks from polyester to 100% cotton have taken some advice). Tried Epsom salts with ibuprofeine gel on the feet. I guess I still kinda think that the feet are still getting used to the plan and that when I reach the goal that eventually it will ease as the body gets used to the runs. At least that is what I am telling myself.


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