Couch to 5K

Who dares wins

So, yesterday (Friday). In I strode, keeping the enemy oblivious with my nonchalance and lack of fear. The informant unknowingly gave away nhs secrets to help us prepare for their next onslaught. We will be ready for them - they will succumb! (Wa-ha-ha-haa!) Our compatriot, misswobble, was also successful in her foray behind enemy lines yesterday - sterling work done there. In the meantime let's crack out the Dodgers, extra rations all round!!

And I did the run too, Waletta.

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Well done you. Stirling work Cccaptain (tend to stutter in the presence of greatness.) When did I lose my title? Just getting used to it. Have to steer clear of the dodgers though - I have been running tonight but this afternoon I finished off every bit of chocolate in the house (much to my daughter's disgust. She first said she couldn't believe it & then said it was typical)


Sorry, Lieutenant. Obviously I got a bit informal following my success. Tell your ADC to buy her own chocolate or at least go to Nan's and nick some of her's.


Dozzer, nanna says your teas ready . Shes got you that nice ham you like :-) xxx


Ohh, Nanna is too good to me. I hope she'll make you a sandwich too, passing on all these messages is really kind of you. It's always great to get news from the home front!


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