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On Saturday last I posted after graduating on a Parkrun, and before climbing up into the roof of Exeter Cathedral. Since then I have been gallivanting on a long weekend break so this morning I posted on the original thread my thanks to all who replied in such a friendly and encouraging manner. However, I do realise that it's fallen a long way down the forum and probably most of the kind responders will not have seen my response, so I have pasted it below. I didn't want anyone to think I was ignoring them. Congratulations to all the people who have achieved things while I wasn't looking - you know who you are - and thanks every one for the supportive and kind forum we have going here.

Here is my response to the original messages:

Thank you to everyone who replied, we have been staying away so now we are home this is the first reliable connection to get back in touch with. The cathedral roof was amazing we walked along inside the roof above the gothic arches and below the actual roof, then went into the ringing room, the clock room while the clock struck 12 and then right up to the top of the tower and the we climbed up to the platform just below the flagpole. We did not shin up the flagpole.

Anyway, the quads are objecting a bit but it is just DOMS and I did the speed podcast this morning. Overall very pleased to see 'graduate' next to my name and to have done my first parkrun in under 45 minutes. This is an acceptable time for me because, as my daughter would say to me, 'You are well old and well fat (no offence).' I don't know where she gets it from, honestly.

Anway, thanks again everyone!


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10 Replies

  • Haha :D Kids!! They think they can say anything they want, then say, "No offence" and assume you won't be offended! :) Your cathedral roof visit sounds really good, if a little scary to someone with a fear of heights. Happy post graduate running :)

  • Thank you. The daughter is 26 and about to have a baby so she will no doubt get her come uppance from her own off spring

  • Sell daughter on ebay and use proceeds to buy celebratory new running kit unless she tells you forthwith you are well fit :).

  • Maybe that's what she meant to say... - not sure she would stay still long enough to be ebayed, she is a fitness instructor and still running all her classes at 6 months pregnant.

  • Double congratulations! Your daughter will probably produce a mini Olympian with all the training the wee thing is getting! In awe.

  • Yes she is rather super-fit, which is a bit of a contrast to me! (She is generally encouraging, I have to confess)

  • That made me laugh ! Sounds like a weekend full of excitement. Where to go from here ?

  • Looking forward to 10k at the Great Manchester run next year - meanwhile trying the couch plus podcasts and going to do a few more parkruns now I know that I can get round in a time that doesn't sound too ridiculous.

  • WEll done Rose. You're a star, no matter what your daughter might say! Hmmmmf!

    Keep running girl and enjoy every minute of it. We got biddy power!

  • Biddy power? Is that like girl power but with knitting?

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