Couch to 5K

Week 4 Run 1

After completing Week 9 on a treadmill at only 7.1 mph with no incline I thought it was time to take it outside. Something I find extremely difficult so I'm going back to Week 4 tomorrow. I know I'll find it relatively easy but week 5 would be too difficult. Has anyone else got to a high level inside then not done as well outside too? If so any tips? Thanks

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Before the C25k I had only ever run on a tread mill but I decided to give outside a go when I started this. I have actually found it easier to run outside. I found the biggest problem on a treadmillI was how hot I got and that is much easier outside. I bet you will find it easier than you think.Good luck and enjoy XXXX


I did most of the programme on a treadmill and eventually went outside after graduation. I must say I didn't find outside harder or easier, just different. The biggest challenge for me was pacing. On the treadmill you just set the speed and get on with it, but outside you have to think about it and really make an effort not to go too fast. I still struggle with this sometimes especially if I get carried away and stop concentrating!

I must admit that my preference now is running outside but I do still have a soft spot for the treadmill because I can zone out and listen to my great playlist!

I posted the following when I went outside. You might find it useful. Good luck, wherever you run!


I'm currently on w4 (r1 done today) and I'm using a treadmill and will probably do the whole c25k on it although I'm toying with the idea of doing one of the three runs outside as a way of getting used to outdoor running. Still not decided yet though ;)


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