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W9R2 - Fail!

Today was meant to be the penultimate run and although a little jetlagged and despite sleeping in a bit longer than normal I decided to go for it!

Result? 22 minutes in and I just couldn't keep it up.. My legs just stopped working and my head hurt..

Bitterly disappointed - but it also shows you how a level of routine appears to help. I broke my routine (including my pre run snack) and it broke me...

I am going to try again tomorrow I think...

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Why not have a days break ?. Don't be so hard on yourself. I am due to do w8 r1 but haven't run for 4 days but I just haven't felt up to it. I decided not to feel guilty and neither should you. 22min is a lot longer that you were doing 9 week ago. Be positive and you'll skoosh it the next time.

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Thanks ... I think jet lag can't have helped so I will just run next when I'm ready ..

Its addictive though! :)


We don't allow the 'f' word on here - its just a bad run for a perfectly understandable reason. You'll ace it next time out!


Thanks! I will of course take a rest day as I still did a decent run... Just disappointed that it got the better of me this time... Graduation jitters... :)


Be kind to Laura a 'bad' run is better than no run at all. Get back into your routine and you'll be rockin it!


With the jet lag you had a lot going against you. With hindsight you probably feel you'd have done better to have just not attempted that run. We all do it though. I have no doubt that you will ace it next time - just as soon as you feel ready. Good luck and best wishes.


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