W5R1 - A drenching in more ways than one!

Really enjoyed this run, Mr Lottidog freaked when he saw that I was going to run in the rain - I explained to him that I loved running in the wet, but he was nagging on about catching a cold etc. Anyway, I did get soaked, but then the sun came out and it was really warm and I dried off. Just jogging to the point where I turn back when whoosh - a car wizzed through a puddle drenching me again! Just as well I was in my running gear and not dressed for dinner!! Felt really good today, and my knee is behaving itself and actually feels so much better for running, guess I must be building up my quadriceps. Today I bought my first real piece of running kit - a pair of Nike half leggings - I will wear them with pride!

4 Replies

  • Hurrah ! Well done Lottidog. I am really pleased for you , and glad that youre enjoying it so much , You go girlfriend ! :-) xxx

  • That's the spirit! Keep on keeping on :)

  • And you will look fab! Good job they are quick drying too! Happy running.

  • Wayhay, sounds like a really good run for the start of week 5. You have taken the drenching in really good part - sure sign you are enjoying your running. You deserve to be proud in your Nike leggings. Good luck with the next run and best wishes.

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